Hip-Hop, Videos | Tum Tum ft. Dorrough, B-Hamp, and Big Tuck- Yeah Doe

Posted by on September 12, 2012

“40 bottles in the club I’m a wine-o. Ghost crome on the Chevy it’s a Rhino.” -Big Tuck

After teasing us for almost a month, Dallas legend Tum Tum releases the highly anticipated visuals for “Yeah Doe,” featuring Dorrough, B-Hamp, and Big Tuck that’s taken the Dallas radio waves by storm. Directed by YellaBrickRoad Productions, “Yeah Doe” stays true to Texas form, finding Tum Tum and friends in an environment similar to that of the Fort Worth stockyards.

It’s not all just ridin’ bulls and country western lady friends, as Tum Tum recruits long time DSR associate Big Tuck to join in the “Yeah Doe” festivities, giving Dallas a sense of unification that’s previous been missing. Tum and Big Tuck aren’t just collaborating on records, as the they recently announced announced they’ll be going on a tour coming this fall. Details coming soon. Yeah Doe!

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DOWNLOAD: Tum Tum ft. Dorrough, B-Hamp, and Big Tuck- Yeah Doe (iTunes)

Videos | Behind The Scenes: Tum Tum’s “Yeah Doe” Video

Posted by on July 12, 2012

Let’s get something straight. I’m a Dallas guy. I grew up on Big Tuck and Tum Tum. They’re nothing short of legends in the city, and it’s good to see them making music together. Although I couldn’t make the video shoot (I’m sorry Bric!) the good folks at HULK ENT were kind enough to release a behind the scenes look into the highly anticipated video featuring B-Hamp, Dorrough, and a few lady friends. Although Big Tuck wasn’t on the original track, it seems we may just be getting a classic verse from the purple hulk. Could this be the record that unifies Dallas and puts the ball back in our court? I say, Yeah Doe!

Hip-Hop | Tum Tum ft. Dorrough & B Hamp – Yeah Doe (prod. by Bux)

Posted by on May 22, 2012

“Four chains on baby get big, triple yellow bezzle look what I done did.”

Dallas legend, Tum Tum, perhaps known best for his southern classic “Caprice Music,” drops a new single entitled “Yeah Doe” featuring Hulk ENT label-mates Dorrough and B-Hamp. Produced by Bux, Tum Tum delivers a powerful punch over the menacing 808 that’s sure to have the suburbs and trap nodding their heads in unison. Keep up with Tum as he continues on his journey via his social media links below.



Hip-Hop, Videos | Tum Tum, Play N Skillz, Inertia- Smoke Somethin (Video)

Posted by on October 25, 2010

My favorite track off “Purp Kobain“, finally gets the visual treatment. The video was directed by Jackal for RevolucionTV & Bric Flair and was shot on location in Dallas around Deep Ellum. If you haven’t already download the critically acclaimed “Purp Kobain”, you can do so below. Hit the jump for some behind the scenes Fresh New Tracks x Tum Tum footage. Shout out to DJ Krave, Baby Boi, and Mason Ladue.

Tum Tum ft. Play-N-Skilz & Inertia- Smoke Somethin’

Tum Tum- Purp Kobain (Mixtape)


Hip-Hop, Videos | Tum Tum ft. Hot Rod, Lil Wil, & Doughski G- Award Winning

Posted by on August 23, 2010

Another smooth cut off the highly anticipated “Purp Kobain” which is dropping August 28th. In my opinion, Tum has been creating some serious buzz around this project and I think the final product will definitely be worth listening to front to back. If you’re aren’t following Tum on Twitter already, be sure to do so here. The track is produced by Pimp-N-Keys. As a bonus, I added another Tum feature.

Tum Tum ft. Hot Rod, Lil Wil, & Doughski G- Award Winning
Royal South ft. Tum Tum- College Boy Wasted

Interviews, Videos | Tum Tum- Purp Kobain Trailer

Posted by on August 6, 2010

Fresh New Tracks has recently been hard at work collaborating with the visionary Kiddrae to create a mini-documentary about legendary Dallas rapper Tum Tum. Above is a short teaser for the documentary. His mixtape, “Purp Kobain” is dropping soon. Be on the look out for the final product. It’s going to be epic.

Tum Tum- Campisi’s Flow

Interviews | Dallas Observer

Posted by on July 30, 2010

Read about Fresh New Tracks and Tum Tum in the Dallas Observer here. The music video for “Bad Guy Bounce” + the interview is coming soon. Shout out to Hollie.