Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Videos | Silver Medallion – Trainwreck ft. Dunson (Music Video)

Posted by on January 18, 2012

Following up from his wildly successful collaboration with Shwayze on “All I Ask”, Silver Medallion teams up with up and comer Dunson (formerly Kenton Dunson) to create a dubstep banger entitled “Trainwreck”. The track features a haunting R&b instrumental complimented by some heavy Dubstep wobbles. Not to mention the girl in the video.. damn..

“Trainwreck is a saga of New York City bars, a story of people too in love with themselves to see past the whiskey glasses. I feel the sounds of the beat replicate the darkness and intensity of that yearning party night, when you’re looking in a girls eyes and don’t see anything there, when you’re walkin in the cold spinning drunk, when you wake up wondering why you’re life is the way it is.” – Silver Medallion

Download: Silver Medallion – Trainwreck ft. Dunson