Albums | Riff Raff- The Golden Alien (Album)

Posted by on July 10, 2012

It’s been a busy month for the viral sensation that is RiFF RAFF. From publicly “beefing” with former SODMG label mate Soulja Boy, to finally receiving his “aqua marine mad hater 2-sided reversible 3-D” chain given to him by Diplo, it seems nothing can slow the enigmatic artist down. Out of nowhere, RiFF drops his highly anticipated “Golden Alien” album. Hit the jump for the track list below. RAP GAME JOSH HAMiLTON.



Hip-Hop | Chief Keef – Rollin (Prod. Young Chop)

Posted by on March 21, 2012

Dang. I guess his house arrest is not so bad after all. Just under a week after his mixtape, Chief Keef graces us with some brand new material. Tight beat on this one, which obviously Sosa kills. Look back later because this is off Sosa Soulja with Soulja Boy, so the full track most likely has Soulja Boy himself on it. Hit up Sosa on Twitter and Facebook.

If you’re confused as to what the first line is all about, then I’ll let this clear it up for you.

Hip-Hop, Mixtapes | Chief Keef – Back From the Dead (Mixtape)

Posted by on March 20, 2012

Chief Keef is a Chicago boy that is making quite a buzz around the music industry, which even my boy Derrick Rose approves of. This isn’t you’re run of the mill college frat rap music, this is the complete polar opposite. This is straight up trap musik with real trap beats and bountiful gun shots. Just the way I like it. Word is that Sosa, Mr. Keef’s alter ego, just signed with Soulja Boy and his SODMG label, which makes sense with Soulja’s verse on the 3Hunna remix, so we might have a Riff Raff x Chief Keef collab which is almost up to BasedGod proportions. The story behind Chief Keef’s mixtape is actually a quite funny one, so I’ll let FakeShoreDrive elaborate:

My notable tracks would be “I Don’t Know Dem”, “Save That S@%t”, and “3Hunna remix”. Make sure you download this and peep those tracks and always keep it #3HUNNA. Shout to my boy Kilo who showed me Chief Keef. #BangBang!

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Hip-Hop | Sunny & Reeves (of Aer) – We ‘Bout Love/M.I.A.

Posted by on January 22, 2012

What do we have here? Are one of my favorite indie/hip-hop bands splitting? Luckily no, but the dudes of Aer decided to do some solo projects. First we have Sunny, or David who is the singer, going in over Rihanna’s radio anthem “We Found Love”. Secondly is Reeves, or Carter who handles the rapping, going in on a Soulja Boy beat, which I can’t tell you because i haven’t dabbled into Soulja Boy’s music…I know it’s a shame, sorry. Anyways cop these tracks and look back for more things from Aer.

Download: Sunny – We ‘Bout Love (Rihanna Remix)

Download: Reeves – M.I.A. (Soulja Boy Remix)