Albums | EXCLUSIVE: Shuz’s EP Finale “Reborn,” A Nostalgic Throwback On ‘Paradox’ EP

Posted by on December 11, 2020

From the mysterious yet clear-cutting “Abyss,” to the nostalgic and reminiscent “Reborn,” Shuz has now unleashed a music journey that won’t soon be forgotten.

Bass and trap intersect with the many-mooded Paradox EP.

The flow of music stitched-here capturing something comfortable – if neck-breaking beats fitting for festival events tends to be your thing.

Music can be melded and re-formed an infinite positions, Shuz’s choice to give depth and meaning to his work through word-play, and by extension, sound-play, is something genuine and refreshing.

In particular, “Reborn,” ends up being a unique choice as a closer, off of Paradox EP, for these types of reasons; drawing many parallels that new fans and first-day homies alike can relate to.

“Reborn,” was originally released in 2018, but now stands re-inclusion as the closing track on the Dec. 11th, 2020 EP heard above, the final track.

Including a past original and bringing it into the forefront is a catchy gesture – Shuz discography comes equipped with other audible goodies that do not escape those who often delve-in to their music.

This type of cleverness doesn’t go unnoticed in 2020, with the need for an ‘it’ factor being a key part to every single or EP/album as things move forward in music/music streaming.

Releasing with labels in the past that have distinct establishment and developing a sound that becomes ever-more defined and sweeping, Shuz hits many high points across the board, not leaving things to chance when it comes to his social presence.

Hear for yourself what Shuz has to offer.

Bass | Becko Drops Metal-Influenced Bass EP “Reborn”

Posted by on October 4, 2017

Becko, a rising artist based out of Italy, has infused musical elements from the post-hardcore/metal world and injected it into various types of bass tracks. Reborn is the result, a four-track experience that leaves you with something new. Becko was formally the vocalist and bassist for the metal band Hopes Die Last, an aspect that has clearly given Becko an advantage to stand out. Reborn is a streak of freshness that’s always good to hear.