News | North Coast Music Festival 2015

Posted by on August 27, 2015


With it only being a week before the final festival marking Summer’s last stand, North Coast is going to be bringing down the house with their fantastic lineup and vibes this year. Releasing the schedule earlier which features Widespread Panic, Wale, RAC, local rap group Leather Courduroys, and Knife party on Friday. Saturday has the likes of Wave Racer, Steve Aoki, D’Angelo, Chromeo, and Porter Robinson. And finally, Sunday with Atmosphere, Disco Biscuits, Trippy Turtle, and Tycho. Being in a more intimate and closed environment, Union Park is one of the unsung heroes of the whole operation that is North Coast. Below will be the links so you can plan accordingly to ensure a fantastic Labor Day weekend. Enjoy!

Dshaq’s must see artists at NCMF:

1. Wave Racer
2. Trippy Turtle
3. Tycho.
4. Atmosphere.
5. Portugal the Man
6. Widespread Panic


2015 NCMF Schedule


Progressive House | Celine Dion – Loved Me Back to Life (Lewys Knowles Remix)

Posted by on November 24, 2013



I’m not going to act like some big tough guy and pretend that I’m not still attracted to Celine Dion because I am. Just kidding I’m not. I only vaguely know what she even looks like and that’s only because she commonly makes appearances in my dreams (the sexual ones). While everything I’ve said up until this point is pretty irrelevant and also probably untrue, it felt like the ice needed to be broken before I posted a Celine Dion remix. 20 year old Lewys Knowles, who was born in Portugal and is now living in France is the producer behind my favorite remix out of the many I have heard of Celine Dion’s “Loved Me Back To Life”. The forceful piano tying the break and the build together sets an eerie tone and in turn creates a darker atmosphere than commonly seen in these types of tracks. He had intended to submit this into the remix competition but it was not finished in time so it is now available as a free download.