Albums | Dropwizz Unleashes Menacing Trap Heater ‘Burn’ On FUXWITHIT

Posted by on January 27, 2023

Toronto-based producer Dropwizz makes his return to FUXWITHIT with the powerful trap anthem ‘Burn’ on January 26th. The track serves as a follow-up to his heavy-hitting FUXWITHIT debut ‘Gulag’ off Champions Of The Underground Vol. 1. Dropwizz has been climbing the ranks in the bass scene with a slew of impressive releases on brednbutter that included the breakout ‘FOOTWORK,’ which has accumulated nearly 900,000 streams to date. ‘Burn’ elevates his signature style for an energetic and menacing banger.

Staying true to its name ‘Burn’ is assured to raise temperatures and destroy anything in its path. The opening melody is dark and wrapped in mystique. As the drums build, the vocals add a layer of catchiness while remaining gritty. The drops pack a powerful punch as mind-bending synths drift over crisp percussion and nasty bass. Stabs of brass underscore the intensity taking the track to new heights. Mixing elements of classic electronic trap with cutting-edge bass music makes ‘Burn’ a standout heater. Expect this one to set crowds ablaze. 

“Listeners will first be welcomed by a mantric melody with a hint of mystery, then progressing into an unexpected buildup which then evolves into a violent and energetic bass drop. I personally picture myself entering a dungeon where I will have to battle the final boss, doing whatever it takes to prevail victorious.”

Albums | Rising LA Rapper Chris Siders Shares New Single “The Invisible Man”

Posted by on July 28, 2022

LA-born rapper and artists Chris Siders has set out to deliver exciting, innovative and brutally honest storytelling in the world of hip-hop. The up-and-coming LA based rapper only has a slew of releases under his belt but he has no plans to stopping anytime soon. His new single “The Invisible Man” shows off his impressive lyricism and dives into his feelings on imposter syndrome, which is a major reoccurring theme for a lot of rising artists in the music industry as of late. Tune in above now!

“Growing up I faced a ton of imposter syndrome based on who the world was telling me I was. My high school criminalised me and labelled me as a troublemaker for getting into fights every other week. They did not know that I was simply defending myself from bullies who were taunting me and physically harming me because I am of a darker skin complexion. In the chorus I rap, ‘Runnin’ from myself / I ain’t a killer though / Paint whatever image / I present the picture though.’ In addition to getting bullied by colourist classmates, I felt this world does not care about young dark black individuals. I felt and even to this very day I feel invisible.” – Chris Siders

Girl Fire | Listen to Colette Carr’s New Club Smash “Get Dumb”

Posted by on September 1, 2016

Colette Carr and Ben Frank Dinero of the New Boyz collaborate on club ready indie pop smash “Get Dumb” – a perfect electric track for the end of summer. In “Get Dumb” Colette and Ben paint a picture of after-party life. This is the second time Colette Carr and Ben Frank Dinero have worked together, since their first track: HAM (which has over 1 million views). If you’re not familiar with Colette, it’s time you got to know her!


House | Brick’s “Off The Rack” Tells A House Story Worth Sharing

Posted by on August 29, 2016

I’m not sure if its the low pitched vocals, the in your face basslines, or the squirmy vibrato laced topline, but “Off The Rack” by Bricks is a catchy house track that’s fuses Miami and LA vibes into its own thing.

The Icon Collective graduate with a focus on house music, based in LA, is making his mark with “Off The Rack”. He’s recently partnered with a couple large companies in the music industry, so be on the lookout bigger things. Also, he’s dropping a label release soon as well too. 3rd times a charm – can’t wait to hear what’s next, the last two give a clear picture of what’s to come.

Hip-Hop | Latium’s BENJ Drops Somebody (Who Loves You)”

Posted by on May 18, 2015

Latium’s BENJ, who’s beginning to make a name for himself in the blogosphere with a slew of catchy remixes and originals, drops his Mark Pelli produced “Somebody (Who Loves You)” that’s Canadian bacon for your ears. Showcasing his vocal chops as heard on his popular “Baby Blue” remix, BENJ paints a picture with his words over atmospheric production that we’ll be pressing play on for weeks to come.

Expect more BENJ music coming your way very soon.

Hip-Hop | Canada’s BENJ Drops “Without You” Produced by Mark Pelli

Posted by on April 28, 2015

Last night, up-and-coming Toronto native BENJ, who’s been making serious waves in the blogosphere, dropped his “Without You” original produced by the ever talented Mark Pelli. Introspective and jazzy, “Without You” builds on the success of his recent Action Bronson and Chance The Rapper “Baby Blue” remix that gained traction amongst blogs and tastemakers alike. Floating over the atmospheric production, BENJ paints a picture with his words and vocals, reminiscing on a relationship that never panned out. Self-described as a “fresh Canadian making hip-hop music for your ear holes” BENJ is determined to rise above the fray. Keep an eye on him.


Review | What We Can Learn From Kygo

Posted by on June 28, 2014

Whenever meeting an artist for the first time, you never know what you’re going to get. You go into with a certain trepidation and understanding that these artists could be a giant twat. It’s often hard to reconcile that idea, because it’s hard to separate the man from the music. So many times you’ll find that your favorite producer or artist makes great music, but isn’t the best person to be around.