Albums, Electronic | Otto Knows releases an absolute must listen with “Next To Me”

Posted by on May 13, 2015

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We rarely get to hear new work from Swedish producer Otto Knows, but every time we do, it’s worth the wait. His newest track “Next To Me” proves that point perfectly. An awesome vocal track by Simon Strömstedt can be heard throughout the song which has a nice feel good melody that slowly builds up with strings until it drops into a dance track that is impossible to ignore. This is going to be one of the songs that is remixed and sampled a lot by various artists this festival season. Give this track a listen and if you like it follow the buy link below to pick it up.

Buy it here: Otto Knows: Next To Me

House | Otto Knows – Parachute (Camel Phat Remix)

Posted by on November 1, 2014

Camel Phat is no stranger to the site. Their “Special” remix was stuff of legend. Premiered on MixMag earlier this month Camel Phat’s “Parachute” remix brings a new feel to Otto Knows’s biggest record. Deep house future house call it what you want. This new offering from Camel Phat is something else.

Progressive House | Don Diablo & Matt Nash – Starlight (Could You Be Mine) [Otto Knows Remix]

Posted by on September 30, 2013

Don Diablo & Matt Nash - Starlight (Could You Be Mine) [Otto Knows Remix]Otto Knows rarely releases a song, but when he does it is dynamite. He revamps the clubby original with melodic synth work and chopped vocals that we have seen him use so well. This is vintage Knows, as he continues to show that it is all about quality over quantity.

Beatport: Don Diablo & Matt Nash – Starlight (Could You Be Mine) [Otto Knows Remix]


Events | The Worst Lineup Conflicts At Electric Zoo – And How To Handle Them

Posted by on August 22, 2013


Waiting for festival schedules to drop is always a funny thing. On the one hand, you’re antsy for set times because you want to start planning your weekend. On the other, you know that when the announcement comes it will invariably serve to confirm all your worst fears about lineup conflicts — terrible, unspeakable conflicts which will surely force you to choose between two or more of your favorite artists. Such conflicts have been known to divide friend groups, start arguments, and lead to tears. Okay, we’re being dramatic, but you know you totally feel us. Electric Zoo is no different, so check out what we think are some of the most glaring and painful conflicts of the weekend — and our advice for dealing with them — after the jump.

(Note: one thing we do know is that those who enter Sunday School Grove probably won’t be racing out to hit the mainstage at many junctures during the weekend, so there aren’t too many conflicts to contend with there. Not bad, eh?)


Progressive House | Marcus Schössow – Reverie (Michael Calfan Remix)

Posted by on August 17, 2013

Marcus Schössow - Reverie (Michael Calfan Remix)Axtone has been busy towards the end of this summer. They have released the original mix of “Reverie” and “Starlight (Could You Be Mine)”, while also previewing the CLMD remix of Discopolis “Committed to Sparkle Motion” (coming on Monday) and revealing info on releases from Axwell, Otto Knows, Thomas Gold & Kryder. Michael Calfan has a strong history with remixes, taking tracks like “Shewolf” and “Momentum” and eliciting their full potential. With this one, the Frenchman keeps much of the essence of the original, while injecting vocal chants and mixes up the timing of the drop with added melodic elements. Look for more from Axtone as the label seems to only getting started as Axwell, like Steve Angello, shows life post-SHM. Your move Seb.

Beatport: Marcus Schössow – Reverie (Michael Calfan Remix)

Preview, Progressive House | Don Diablo & Matt Nash – Starlight (Could You Be Mine) [Preview]

Posted by on July 22, 2013

Don Diablo & Matt Nash - Starlight (Could You Be Mine) [Preview]A staple of Axwell’s sets for the past few months, the Swedish superstar wastes no time and reveals another track from his arsenal of highly coveted tracks in the Axtone reserves. With “Reverie” still a prominent feature in festival sets worldwide, look for Axtone to shine once again with their quality releases. Watch for the release on Friday and in the future keep an eye out for a remix from Otto Knows.

Events | Support Announced for North American Leg of Swedish House Mafia One Last Tour

Posted by on January 26, 2013


Time has flown by since Swedish House Mafia announced up and final world tour. They have already rocked Europe, South East Asia, are now in South Africa and in a few short days take over Australia, the site where “Don’t You Worry Child” was born. In a little under 2 weeks they will be making their landfall in Mexico and with them they are bringing along some great talent as support for each of the shows. They will be joined by the likes of Otto Knows, Armand Van Helden, AN21 & Max Vangeli, Pete Tong & more. Get ready for their final send off, because it is going to be wild. They have also announced another auction for the Black Tie Rave on February 28th, which raised 447,000 dollars the first time around. The auctioning will begin on February 1st at 10am EST More details on exact support info after the jump.