Mashups | DJ Fergie Ferg: Polar Summers Mini Mixtape

Posted by on August 22, 2011

As DJ Fergie Ferg pointed out in an email last week, we’ve been longtime fans of his work and, yet, after all of this time we’ve failed to truly link up on a project. Well, he sure knows how to make an entrance because I don’t think I could hand pick better songs than the ones posted below. And how could we resist turning these two tracks into a FNT mini-mixtape. I’m a sucker for Beach Boys and I’m a sucker for old school Jay Z, so naturally “Good Vibrizzos” is my favorite cut.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Fergie Ferg – Good Vibrizzos (Beach Boys x Jay-Z)

DOWNLOAD: DJ Fergie Ferg – Hot Down (Lovin Spoonful x Ludacris x Mystikal)

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Electro | Sex Ray Vision – My (Other) Beach House

Posted by on August 15, 2011

If you’ve been paying attention to FNT over the past year, chances are you’ve heard the name Sex Ray Vision or have at least seen or heard some derivative of their hit My Beach House in this summer hottest mash ups. Well in case you haven’t, the duo decided to flip their original masterpiece with a heavier bassline, some extra synths, and most notably new vocals. If you’re losing sight of the summer as we close in on the Fall semester, let this up-tempo hit bring you back to that mindset. As a bonus I’ve included my favorite mashup that features the original My Beach House, be sure to check it out!

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Download: Sex Ray Vision – My (Other) Beach House
Beachouse 8/14 by freshnewtracks