Bass | O Cinnedi’s Bass Release ‘Gluttony’ One Part Of A Greater ‘Seven Deadly Sins’ Art Project

Posted by on July 19, 2022

Preparing to have your lid blown off by the determination and force of what O Cinnedi is all about. Now several songs deep into her ‘Seven Deadly Sins,’ journey, it’s starting to become quite clear as to what O Cinnedi is able to bring to the table when she sets herself up for a many-sided release project.

“Gluttony,” is the next step in this fascinating project, following the flow as the next sin as articulated by the ‘Dante Inferno’ book. O Cinnedi brings a bass interpretation to the masses as she showcases how she wants to meld her style with that of the epic poetry writing. Given the weight of the story, it’s fitting that bass music would be mixed in for a modern symbolic telling. “Gluttony,” is easy to return to time after time, being one of the best O Cinnedi releases to date.

As of today, O Cinnedi has over 500,000 streams and has played dozens of shows in her time. She’s shared the stage with such names as Abelation, Stylust, Tynan, Jphelpz and has a strong love for all parts of the electronic music experience. In her youth, being a part of dance competitions and even Walt Disney productions would end up laying the ground work of the artist she is today. The future is looking bright for her, O Cinnedi having a life-long love for the arts – in particular music – a love that is far from fading.

Bass | O Cinnedi Releases ‘Pride’ As 7 Deadly Sins Theme is Kicked Off

Posted by on March 3, 2021

Canadian-based female DJ/producer O Cinnedi knows how to put together a host of content to make a greater whole. Her 7 Deadly Sins saga will come equipped with music videos mixed in. Alongside visual/audio elements that are soon to be revealed, “Pride,” is just the start of a fascinating ride.

As the first single reveals, trap / bass / melodic bass are playing out to be the hallmarks of this experience.

A bass -inspired flow, plenty of wubs throughout, and her own personal zest mixed in there, this is one single to get excited about for a multitude or reasons.

Far from mainstream, coming from the heart, and stone-hold, in-your-face aesthetics intact, O Cinnedi is on to something here.

Bass | O Cinnedi’s “Where am I?” Shines Light On An Underrated Female Artist

Posted by on November 3, 2020

Since roughly the mid-2010’s, the gradual rise of female DJ/producers and electronic music performers has only granted more good will, prosperity, and opportunity within the dance scene, in North American in particular.

Hailing from Canada herself, O Cinnedi is a fine example of an underrated artist on the rise, her sound and style being something curious and natural to embrace.

Her single “Where am i?” is a fascinating extension of many of these facets and more, giving fans a bit to chew on and something to think about. The compliments of bass, clever arrangement, vivid sonic soundscapes, and a bit of O Cinnedi sauce, all comes together to make something memorable.

Check out the song in full above.