Chill | WVRD. Drops Chill-Funk Remix Of “Pumped Up Kicks”

Posted by on January 6, 2016

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Nothing like an old favorite transformed into something grand. “Pumped Up Kicks” is practically ancient and today’s daily music consumption world. Yet, wvrd. puts some soul and rhythm into the tune. Turning it into a almost-tech house tune with a melodic spin.

It’s clear that wvrd. is on the come up – if he continues to make tunes like these, his rise could be quicker than most would expect.

Progressive House | Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem – All Or Nothing

Posted by on June 9, 2014

Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem - All Or Nothing

Since it’s a Monday night and we’re all tired, as well as there not being any progressive house posted here in quite some time (4 hours), I thought I would finally get around to posting some progressive house. Somebody has to do it. This track came out a week ago but for a variety of reasons I didn’t feel compelled enough to post it. That was a mistake and actually quite selfish of me because it is a pretty good song. It is a collaboration between Swanson, an Australian producer who you should be familiar with if you have been following FNT for any significant length of time and Swede Dreams, a 15 and 18 year old duo from Edmonton, Canada. Even though Swede Dreams produce big room exclusively, this song is not at all big room and more along the lines of the usual progressive house sound that Swanson produces.

Free Download: Swede Dreams & Swanson ft. Jenny Mayhem – All Or Nothing

Albums | DJ Dan – Nothing But A Party

Posted by on May 15, 2014

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It’s Thursday night, I’m thirsty, I got paid, I’m waiting on some exciting news, and I’m ready to party, so thank you mr DJ Dan for providing the funk, and the beat to get me pumped for the night that’s to come with your latest album “Nothing But A Party,” and in case you didn’t know who DJ Dan is, he’s an OG in the Dance scene, so respect your elders and educate yourself, but don’t focus too hard, let yourself be taken away by the funk and enjoy yourselves! This ain’t nothing but a party! This is a must listen and support by purchasing the album on Beatport.

Beatport: DJ Dan – Nothing But A Party


Chill, Dubstep | Just a Gent ft. Sarah Stone – ASOFI (Vendetta’s Chasing Nothing Remix)

Posted by on November 24, 2013


Don’t get me wrong – I love how electronic music has been evolving recently; but this remix from Vendetta is a refreshing genre throwback that will make your head spin (in the best way possible). With a precise mixture of dubstep and drumstep, these San Francisco-based pioneers will leave you craving more of their sound with this completely revamped version of Just a Gent’s “A Song of Fire and Ice.” If you’re a fan of what the boys over at Adventure Club have been doing, then this track is a must listen. Make sure to grab a FREE download and show your support!

Vendetta: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter

Free Download: Just a Gent ft. Sarah Stone – ASOFI (Vendetta’s Chasing Nothing Remix)

Bootleg | Kap Slap – Back to School Mix

Posted by on August 27, 2012

Nothing makes a 5th year college student’s day more than downloading a new Kap Slap mix. After the success of his last mix, Kap Slap’s “Spring Break Mix,” he has decided to provide us with yet another hour long mix to keep the party going (for an hour at least). I’d list ten reasons why you need to download this mix, but I think seeing as Kap Slap made it, it’s already pretty apparent.

Drum & Bass | DnB Fridays

Posted by on August 17, 2012

As if the original wasn’t great enough, this DnB remix by Mattix and Futile takes this track to the next level. Keeping things simple, but not boring, these guys definitely filled in all the gaps for me that were left in this track and completed the EP.

Big ups to W8 for finding this awesome DnB tune. He nailed it with this uplifting original tune from Neutralize featuring vocals from Emily Underhill.

Another uplifting tune steering away from the heavy Dnb, but not too liquid either. This awesome futuristic sounding drum and bass never gets old and always brings me to a state of euphoria.

This one changes the mood a little to a more jungle styled dnb. This reminds me of some of the older dnb that used to be produced a few years back.  Nothing too fancy, but fast paced enough to get the crowd going.

Last but not list I recommend everyone pre-order this awesome dnb compilation releasing from one of Mach and I’s favorite labels, InfraRed Music. Veteran artist Wickaman has been tearing apart the dnb scene through this label lately and all of his tracks are absolutely crazy.

FYI | Fresh New Tracks March Madness!

Posted by on March 13, 2012

Let the Madness begin! Nothing like the March Madness tourney. With the tournament, always comes the filling out of the brackets, which we all know is the best part. So we at Fresh New Tracks put together a little pool for you guys to submit your brackets. Whether you are an avid college basketball fan or are just picking schools because of their mascot/team colors, then this group is for you! Make sure to submit your brackets into the group before the first game starts on Thursday to qualify for our prizes. First and second place winners will receive prizes which will be announced later on. Good luck and choose wisely!