Electronic | Oliver – Mechanical Remixes

Posted by on October 24, 2013

Okay so I’ve been a bit all over the place the past week so this post may be a tad over due but bear with me – it’s incredibly vital to your well being and the entirety of your weekend. The charismatic DJ duo Oliver released their Mechanical EP through Fool’s Gold earlier this year and were showered in success. Like, if you didn’t hear “MYB” at a music festival at least 5 times this summer then you son were at all the wrong music festivals. Anyways, last week they debuted their Mechanical remixes and literally each track is a hands-down 10. The first remix is brought to us by the one and only Dillon Francis who shot “Night Is On My Mind” with a full injection of bonafied Dillon, with that one and only moombatastic, speaker-shattering sound you can trust. The second remix from Nom De Strip was an unexpected favorite, a big room rework of “Control” that is undoubtedly, well, out of control. Next up, a freaky deep remix of “MYB” from FNT favorite Tchami, which adds a nice new perspective to the original. The EP finishes off strong courtesy of upcoming producer Values, who takes us on a heavenly, melodic journey throughout the remix of title-track “Mechanical.” If Values wasn’t on your radar before, I think this track will guarantee he ends up dead center in the near future. And you know, I want to say the last one will end being the one you play on repeat, but the truth is the whole compilation works so well together you probably won’t be able to settle on just one track. Unfortunately it’s not available for free download but grow a pair a drop the few bucks necessary so these DJs can bring home the bacon at the end of the day. Plus then you can have these remixes readily available because you never know when you might need them this weekend… OoOoOoOoOh!

Compilation, Electro-House | Dada Life’s Musical Freedom

Posted by on March 25, 2012

Musical Freedom released their WMC compilation mixed by Dada Life a few days ago, providing over an hour of electro house mayhem, new and old. Dada Life does an impeccable job mixing this compilation. As I listened I could barely tell the songs changed with flawless transitions from one song to the next. The 70 minutes fly by. There is only one brand new song on the compilation, the above Cazzette remix of Dada Life – Rolling Stone T-Shirt, which is a monster of a track not only in its content but also because Cazzette rarely releases any tracks. The rest of the compilation contains some massive electro house tunes from the likes of Dada Life, Tiesto, Felguk, Nicky Romero, Tommy Trash and many more. It shows the quality of the releases of Musical Freedom of the last year and includes such underrated tracks such as Nom De Strip, Sue Cho & Tjr – My Life and Tonite Only – Haters (Nicky Romero Out Of Space Remix). Dada Life pulls from other labels as well taking in songs such as Dyro’s “Daftastic”, Marco V’s recent release “Analogital” and more. Overall the compilation is not one you want to miss, if nothing else to get your hands on Cazzette’s remix of “Rolling Stone T-Shirt”.

Dada Life’s Musical Freedom Mini Mix [Full Comp Out Now] by Dada Life

Dada Life’s Musical Freedom – iTunes Link