Hip-Hop | Mr. Focus – Best In America ft. Los

Posted by on June 8, 2012

New cat on the scene hailing from Brooklyn by the name of Mr. Focus links with Bad Boy’s own, Los, for the first single off his upcoming mixtape.  I honestly don’t know much about this kid so I’ll keep it brief, but as always, Los holds his own on the track with a fine feature.  Below you’ll also find a new track Los let loose entitled, “Whoopin’ Ass” which is the signature speedy sound we’re accustomed to hearing from Los.

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Lastly, Celtic’s fans, you’ll want this one if you don’t have it yet.  As I sunk deeply into the crevice of my couch witnessing a horrific game 6 performance from my Boston Celtics, this song came on my iPod this morning and hit me with a shot of epinephrine.  I’m all juiced up ready for game 7.  Listen for the Celtics references in this track and remember, The Crown Ain’t Safe!

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