Interviews | MNYS’ Engrossing Debut EP & Exclusive Interview

Posted by on August 30, 2015

The best part about being a blogger is finding a new act that you feel like everyone should be listening to, and would be if only they were more widely known. Given the tremendous  ease of sharing one’s music these days, though, those kinds of artists are a definite rarity.

The most recent relative unknown to really excite me on a deep level is the 24-year-old Orange County, NY native MNYS. There is nothing exceptionally unique about his work on a sonic or lyrical level, and yet it’s still as engrossing as any pop music being created today. His debut EP, My New York Summer, is a cohesive and engulfing six song effort, produced by the talented and versatile Skinny Atlas (best known for his work with Dylan Owen).

Eager to learn a bit more about the man behind the music, I spoke with MNYS about his process for creating this EP, and what we can expect to hear from him moving forward.


Pop | MNYS Drops His Brand New “Proud” Single

Posted by on April 8, 2015

When longtime compadre Luke Heffernan (who I suspect you all know from Timeflies) hits you about a new artist, you listen. Hailing from New York, MNYS is an unsigned singer and songwriter that just dropped his brand new “Proud” single off his forthcoming “My New York Summer” EP slated to release April 13. Keep an eye on this rising artist. I think he’s got much more in store for us as summer inches closer.