Electronic | Mizgin Drops Upbeat Electronic Release Titled ‘Numb’

Posted by on March 14, 2022

“Numb,” by Mizgin is one of those singles which makes you cock the head out of curiosity. Having plenty of production elements that click with the brain as different and original, this aspect plus the voice is at the heart of what is catchy with this release. Minimal at some points and technical at others, the drum work is yet another highlightable aspect which builds upon the infectious nature of what is at hand here. Giving the single a nice centerpiece is the vocal, which shines with a soulful and chipper disposition. “Numb” has many parts that win’s you over from start to finish.

Hailing from Sweden, Mizgin has had a diverse upbringing when it comes to her life story and musicianship. Singing at 8 years old and truly beginning to romanticize music at this age, her path would never be the same from this moment on. After connecting with producers and managers in 2013 plus releasing her debut in 2014, her career began to ramp up at this point. She had a major break with this release “Get You Off,” which the music video reached #4 on the MTV Top 100 charts and spent 12 weeks there.

Mizgin has many other accolades and adventures that go beyond what’s mentioned above, dive into her socials and streaming channels to learn more about this budding solo talent.