Trap | ZAGOR – Trap Is The New Shit (December Mix)

Posted by on December 4, 2013

Ok, so if you still aren’t feeling ZAGOR after my last post, then this should get your mind right. ZAGOR is on the trap come-up and is a mastermind behind the trip-hop induced beats. This mini mix he did for the wintery month of December should bump the snow right off of your ice-covered car hood. With a compilation of all the hottest trap in the game as of this moment… #bangbang

Hip-Hop, Trap | E L Y – Life’s a Bitch Edit

Posted by on October 8, 2013

Chicago reppin’, E L Y can bump out some seriously good instrumentals on the daily. Most of his music takes on a classical hip-hop sound and this is why this Nas edit made my head turn right off the bat. With the synced synth’s and Nas’s modulated voice to fit the beat perfectly, the chorus is what really brings it all together; “Life’s a bitch, and then you die. That’s why we get high, cuz you never know when you’re gonna goooo”. Couldn’t have said it better myself. I contacted & chatted it up with ELy for a little before dropping this post to get a better take on his music ambitions; “I have a mad love for hip-hop and I’m also an accomplished trap DJ under the name E1y. My main focus is instrumentals – instrumentals out the ass.” I took a listen to his DJ set’s as well – THEY GO ALL THE WAY. Here’s a player to both sooooo play on.
P.S. There’s free downloads for both, so take advantage!

Mashups, Mix | DOSVEC – “A.D.D.” Radio Show Episode #5 & Sirius Satellite Mini-Mix

Posted by on July 16, 2013


DOSVEC is really giving Mashups a legitimate outlet with his Radio Show “A.D.D.”, the only Mashup show in America. Episode #5 has 15 new songs that revive some vocals and introduce a trap flavor on others. His overall production for each show has truly showcased his wide range when it comes to EDM.


If “A.D.D.” Episode #5 wasn’t enough DOSVEC was asked to be a part of Sirius 4th of July weekend mix on Channel “BPM” he created 3 more new songs for the mini-mix and included his addictive Children Clarity –



DJ-Set, Mashups | DOSVEC – Flight 2013, The Dance Games Saga

Posted by on January 8, 2013

The Dance Games Saga continues with “Flight 2013”. DOSVEC takes us on board a 30 minute mini-mix mashup album introducing several new mashups, while incorporating some of his biggest BANGERS. “Flight 2013” flows from start to finish without any turbulence and is a great mini-mix to get your party on.


Mashups, Mixtapes | DOSVEC – The Dance Games Saga, Return To Campus

Posted by on September 4, 2012

DOSVEC has created a mini-mix series, “The Dance Games Saga,” that is a play off of the “Hunger Games.” Each mix will consist of unreleased mashups that DOSVEC has made either on the side or specifically for the mixes. His first mini-mix of the series has an appropriate name to suit the time we are all experiencing, “Return To Campus.” The mix is a little less than 30 minutes long but contains many party fueled mashups. Not a bad back to school pre-gaming mix to get you pumped for the first weekends parties. The instrumentals will be a little harder to recognize compared to the vocals that will have you belting along the way of the mix.


Check out the track list after the jump READ ON >>

DJ-Set, House | Dada Life – Conquer The Dada

Posted by on July 26, 2011

Their insane jaw dropping performances always get knocked down a notch when I hear those Swedish accents of theirs….regardless, yes, the dada duo is back again with yet another brilliant mix. It’s got a nice balance between originals and other artists tracks, this 25 minute mini mix is the perfect entertainment for the 5:00 o’clock drive home from work. Their motto is always shown in their music & mixes, which is, “Destroy dance music and have fun. Don’t look back in the past. Always go forward. Don’t think too much. Always follow the money.” Guarantee you’ll have this one on repeat.

DOWNLOAD: Conquer The Dada

Reggae | Don Omar – Danza Kuduro (Dj Gigi Smart Mini Mix) | Party Jam

Posted by on May 26, 2011

This is some straight up PARTY FUEL that I’ve been abusing in Miami over the past week. The best part is this isn’t your average club song. It’s a spicy and infectious Reggaeton hit (think Daddy Yankee) that’ll make anyone immediately start dancing. Although we can’t offer you the original song (buy it here), I did manage to find this mini-mix which is a little longer and incorporates pieces from the two official remixes (original and “westernized” version).

DOWNLOAD: Don Omar ft. Lucenzo, Pitbull and Qwote – Danza Kuduro (Dj Gigi Smart Mini Mix)


In keeping with the theme of this post, here’s a simple feel good Carribean jam for everyone…
DOWNLOAD: Chuck Fenda & Cherine Anderson – Call On Me