Albums | Producer/multi-instrumentalist Bass Physics taps vocalist Micah Martin for rock-infused bass track “WHERE I’VE BEEN”

Posted by on December 13, 2023

Through his distinct sonic and visual language, producer/multi-instrumentalist Bass Physics skillfully transports listeners to alternate realms and gives them reprieve from their earthly struggles.

The Denver-based artist has built a career around a dazzling array of impactful bass aesthetics and electrifying live sets— a vibrant performance style that sees him oscillate between electronic hardware, piano, and guitar. As a result, he’s gained a fervent audience enamored by his creative sensibilities, leading to performance slots at some of Denver’s most storied music institutions, including Red Rocks (5x), Decadence (3x), and a sold-out show at Bluebird Theatre – not to mention three performances at Cancun’s electronic music destination event Ember Shores. This year, he also remixed the Illenium, Grabbitz, and Wooli collaboration “You Were Right.”

Now, Bass Physics is gearing up towards the release of his debut album, Lost In Space, an ambitious project that promises to flex the producer’s penchant for cinematic, mind-expanding soundscapes. Brimming with melodic compositions, immersive sound design, and, of course, extraterrestrial bass production, Lost In Space will be a holistic artist statement – an embodiment of Bass Physics’ creative persona and a time capsule of his evolution thus far. 

Last month, Bass Physics unveiled the LP’s lead single “FLY AWAY feat. CASS” – a melodic bass banger that fuses heart-thumping bass, angelic vocals, and intricate production flourishes all wrapped in a lush, other-wordly presentation. 

Today, the artist unveils the LP’s second single “WHERE I’VE BEEN,” a collaboration with vocalist Micah Martin, who has gained traction in the electronic dance scene for his vocal performances in tracks with Kayzo, Spag Heddy, Zomboy, ARMNHMR, TVBOO and more. Melding hard-hitting bass with a heavier-rock influence, “WHERE I’VE BEEN” showcases the beauty of overcoming internal conflict. 

Bass Physics first discovered Martin from a TVLKS with TVBOO podcast, where the artist was instantly enamored with his work and charisma. He knew Martin would be perfect for this narrative of “WHERE I’VE BEEN”- a story about how the challenges we face externally in life often seem insignificant when compared to the internal struggles we impose upon ourselves. The end result of their creative partnership is an emotionally poignant song with intricate sound design, hard-hitting live elements, and potent, rock-inspired vocals.

WHERE I’VE BEEN” kicks off with Bass Physics’ signature guitar playing – an immersive arp chord progression that sets the tone of the track before introducing Martin’s vocals over a pulsating, driving drum section. Then, the track builds with Martin’s powerful lyrics before bursting into a thunderous, cacophonous bass drop that’s weaved with a heavily distorted and glitched guitar lead, creating an atmosphere that oozes with infectious vibrations. The second drop then imbues the track with even more raucous, headbanging catharsis before realigning with the relatively calm and melodic tone of the first drop – an allusion to the natural, circular structure of pushing through life’s struggles. 

The dynamic range of sound in this track makes it one of my all time favorites, and Micah’s vocals just take it to another level. It embodies all the aspects of bass music that I cherish the most. There is no hardship anyone can give me that I haven’t given myself. I’ve lived through my own struggles in my head and nothing external can break me down at this point. I know ‘Where I’ve Been,’ do you?”  – Bass Physics

Bass | BTSM & TMRRW Go All Out With “Everything”

Posted by on September 20, 2019

Black Tiger Sex Machine have had an unforgettable year thus far. Specifically in regard to their unrelenting festival season, BTSM continue to up the ante on what a show is to be about. A big part of that is the music and today they dropped their highly anticipated anthem “Everything” on their label Kannibalen Records alongside collaborators TMRRW and the ever so talented vocalist Micah Martin. “Everything” is an instant classic that blends rock and electro together like never before. Prepare yourself, things are about to get epic…

Bass, Dubstep | Kedzie Drops Debut EP On Kannibalen Records

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If we were going to use fantasy sports terms, then we’d have to say Kedzie is a sleeper pick. He may not be the most well known bass producer, but he just might become on. His unique style has been laid out single after single, but now the Chicago producer has dropped his debut EP on Kannibalen Records. Showcasing his expansive sound like never before, we get to hear new sides to Kedzie in three tracks. Together they are the biggest piece of evidence as to why Kedzie needs to be a name you follow from here on out.