Freestyle, Hip-Hop | Timeflies Release Anthem for Bang Bros All-Star, Mia Khalifa

Posted by on January 6, 2015

Her native country of Lebanon might hate her as a result of her chosen profession *cough cough*, but Americans sure do love the shit out of this 21-year old adult film actress.  Mia Khalifa – the only search burning up more internet bandwidth than “Farrah Abraham’s Duck Lips” is on the brink of a Twitter trend thanks to our friends Timeflies.  While Rez and Cal typically drop a new visual for their Timeflies Tuesday episodes, they Wu-Tang (diversify their bonds) and throw together an anthem in honor of Miss Mia recent success – yes, she is now the #1 pornstar on Pornhub *applaud*.  The track is already garnering quite a bit of social traction as Mia herself has confessed her love for it.  If all goes as planned, maybe the fellas will end up with a porn star’s phone # after all.  That certainly never hurt anyone…well, probably unless you’re married.

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