Hip-Hop, Mixtapes, Rap | Bobby Capri – Lemonade (Mixtape)

Posted by on September 12, 2014

Bobby Capri - Lemonade (Mixtape) (Artwork)

Fueling my addiction for Virginia-based rap music is the new comer Bobby Capri. Although this project wasn’t even supposed to come out, I’m sure glad it did. There is an essence of old-school paired with contemporary rhyming to make for a very enjoyable project.

Virginia’s music scene is bubbling to say the least, so it will be exciting to see where Capri ends up within it all.

Alternative | Radical Something – Lemonade

Posted by on June 25, 2012


“When life gives you lemons, put some vodka in your lemonade”

The California trio is back to give us week 3 of the #SummerOfRad series! Nothing screams summertime like relaxing and enjoying an ice cold vodka lemonade, and Radical Something of course! Every weeks release thus far has had a unique sound delivering great summertime vibes, nothingness than you would expect from these guys. If you have missed any of the previous #SummerOfRad releases you can find those here. We also dropped an exclusive interview I did with Radical Something during the No Sweat Tour that you can catch after the jump if you missed it last week!