Tropical House | KOLAJ Are About To “Hitchhike” Their Way Onto The Radio

Posted by on October 28, 2016


Crossing over into mainstream radio is a tricky endeavor for dance acts. Balancing different elements to make a track accessible but not cheesy takes skill and serious attention to detail, and West duo band, KOLAJ, are proving they are on the cusp of making the transition. With a resume that includes over 15 million Spotify streams, work with Kaskade, and a collaboration with K-Pop superstar Eric Nam, Teesa Houston and Mighty Mike McGarity continue to pump their tropically-infused brand of indie rock to the masses.

Today, KOLAJ release their new single “Hitchhike.” Allowing Houston’s warm vocals and acoustic strums to open the track up, the band swell the tracks tension to a guitar-wailing drop that evokes images of driving down the PCH in the midst of summer. With another impressive output on their resume, KOLAJ are surely about to transition from promising newcomers to pop favorites. You can stream “Hitchhike” below and purchase it here.

Chill | Steello & Zinity Are Donating All Proceeds Of “Faith” To Charity

Posted by on May 6, 2016

Steello and Zinity have made an interesting fusion of pop and melancholy chill house with “Faith”. The song stands out with its original vocals and happy vibe. If you are a fan of KOLAJ, you will love what is being presented here.

“Faith” takes things a bit further by donating all proceeds to Children’s Cancer Fund. The sound and the cause combined act as a goosebumps giving moment. Learn more about Steello & Zinity by clicking the SoundCloud link above.

House | Enjoy KOLAJ’s New Single, “The Touch”

Posted by on April 8, 2016


Duos often work best when one person’s skills complement the other’s, and this is precisely the case when it comes to KOLAJ. Teesa Houston, a singer/songwriter, and producer Mike McGarity seem to be a perfect match as their individual skills combine to form a cohesive unit that packs a powerful, emotional punch. The Los Angeles-based duo just surfaced late last year, but they’ve accumulated millions of plays online across some originals, covers, and even a feature on Kaskade’s “Whatever.” Now they’re back with their original, “The Touch,” and they’re continuing to make waves with their irresistible house sound. Have a listen on Spotify and buy it on iTunes.


Chill | KOLAJ Makes The Best “Hello” Cover Yet

Posted by on December 21, 2015

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Scrambling to be the first one to lock in a cover or official makes it easy to miss out on a fundamental part of the process, the music.

KOLAJ released this song after the wave of viral hungry artists pushed something simple out, so not only did KOLAJ miss the flood, but their keen ear for detail enhances the tune to such a point that they have created the best cover of the song to date.

It’s like KOLAJ can do no wrong right now, listen to the cover and connect with KOLAJ above.

Chill | KOLAJ’s Cover Of “Can’t Feel My Face” Is Poetic To Say The Least

Posted by on August 27, 2015

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KOLAJ has recently covered The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face” single, and damn it feels good.

KOLAJ are a brand new group based out of LA, they been involved in various projects in the LA scene, they’re now bringing that momentum in this project.

Their last track, ‘The Touch” received hundreds of thousands of plays and they have a new release coming out with Kaskade, to say KOLAJ should be on your radar is an understatement.

Download here.

Chill | New Duo KOLAJ Taking Tropical House Movement By Storm With “The Touch”

Posted by on July 16, 2015

Teesa and Mighty Mike, two LA producers who have been in the game for some time, have teamed up to join the chill/melodic house movement with their new act KOLAJ.

For their first track, KOLAJ has proven they have serious potential in the chill house game. With Teesa on vocals and Mike on instruments, the group is setting up to be a dope band you’ll want to follow.

Uploaded to their SoundCloud account, “The Touch,” contains the perfect blend of traditional instrumentals and chill electronic I’ve never heard.

It’s no surprise the duo are releasing gems so soon, Teesa and Mighty Mike have had years of experience working with other singers/songwriters/producers in LA. Check out their Facebook for more info on their background.

In closing, “The Touch” should make anyone’s summer vibes playlist, hands down.