Bass, Exclusive | FNT Premiere: Kantor Drops Eclectic Mid-Tempo Single ‘Blasted’

Posted by on March 30, 2021

The Kantor universe is one of the most immersive and complete that an electronic music fan can connect themselves with today, in terms of rising talent. From the imaginative sounds of “Hacker,” to the exploratory trap realms of “Concrete Jungle,” there’s a certain level of color and stickiness that only this guy seems to be able to deliver.

That vibe continues on with his March 2021 released titled, “Blasted.” Very much embracing a mid-tempo structure and stuffing the theme full of low-end, club-friendly vocal samples and an all around hype vibe. “Blasted,” fits right in with what we are used to from Kantor, without sacrificing originality. The drop hits hard and proper, with several technical, yet well-placed ‘tings and tangs,’ embedded into the structure of this particular part.

“Blasted” is a record I believe fully encapsulates my style: the true combination between bass music, techno, and house. I have always wanted to combine those 3 genres and this truly reveals to the listener what type of journey they are going to be taken on in the coming months and years. This is just the beginning of that journey, so expect to hear insane basslines, thick kick drums, subtle melodic elements, and tons of crazy percussion!

– Kantor

Kantor has been able to build in his other talents into his electronic music career as well. His video for above-mentioned “Hacker,” – as well as his photos shared on socials – showcases the electronic musician performing sport video-game Dance-Dance Revolution in a way that organically fits. This example is one of many creative and dynamic attributes that plays as a positive and doesn’t distract/take-away from the uniformity important to the artist-to-fan flow. Kantor has been supported by Alison Wonderland and even invited onto her radio show. The solo female DJ has gone on record to say great things about him. On top of this, Kantor has played well over 150 shows across his 10+ years in electronic music. You can expect more from him in the future, in the mean time, “Blasted,” certainly will suffice.

House | Kantor Unleashes Well-Themed House Single “Power On”

Posted by on February 19, 2021

When Kantor music reaches the ears, immediate visuals build up in the mind. Overflowing tight-nit personality and a crystal-clear themes is what often comes in the package with this seasoned solo musician – “Power On”, in no different in this sense.

Playing out like a Tron-esque tech-meets-reality type of journey, Kantor sets the cadence quickly with thumping house and AI voices on this single. As imaginative as it is DJ-set friendly, the single acts as a perfect extension of what we know from Kantor currently.

If you’ve missed it, check out his stunning earlier released music video here.

USA-based, Kantor has developed his skill and experience under various alias’s. Backed with sharp-shooting percussion and a fascinating brand experience, few would be able to find dance artists with the depth and scope like Kantor delivers on.

Check out the new single “Power On,” above.

Bass, House | Kantor Drops Fascinating Visual Experience Entitled “Hacker”

Posted by on April 14, 2020

Kantor – Hacker

Get ready to become a Hacker. Welcome to #Kantoria.

Posted by Kantor Music on Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Kantor’s “Hacker” pieces together so much in a original single, perhaps staging a new precedence of what should be the standard to offer to fans around releases. A pro video, unique sound, and a feel through branding that’s colorful and connected. The clear, vivid nature of “Hacker” on the video side, makes for a repeat fan favorite that’s easy to get behind.

With singles clearing 100,000, it’s clear Kantor’s years of experience across different projects and the industry generally is collectively speaking through his art and vision.

Kantor is sure to release more as 2020 can remain uncertain in new ways.


Bass | Kantor Shares History, Reflects Back On The Year, And Shares Future Plans [Interview]

Posted by on December 21, 2018

The artist formerly known as 5 & A Dime generated considerable clout. Having released a number of mashups, remixes, and originals, the artist obtained the support of The Chainsokers, DJ Snake, Tiesto, Bauuer, and many more. In pursuit of creative growth, he underwent a massive rebrand, emerging as Kantor. With a fresh sound and live shows featuring his custom-configured dance pads, Kantor aims to push the needle forward in the industry.

You have been making music for most of the last decade, in what ways have the industry shifted or evolved from an artist’s positions?

Kantor: The industry has been following technology in my opinion. Not only in regards to the style – more synthesized sounds in music – but in regards to the frequency and speed in which music comes out. Technology revolves around a principle called Moore’s law, in which technology either doubles in speed, halves in price, or halves in size every 18 to 24 months. When I first entered the industry, artists would release an album every year or two and a single every few months. Now, it’s the standard to release a song no less than every month, with an EP or two every year. Not only has the frequency of releases increased, but the overall sonic quality of music, specifically electronic, has exponentially grown. From an artist’s position, the amount of saturation in the industry has become more and more dense, and I believe it will only continue.

For new dance music fans, how big were the mashup days and how far did it take you as an artist?

Kantor:  I would say the “mashup days” were between 2008 to 2014. It took me quite far, all the way to touring with Kendrick Lamar and Steve Aoki in 2013. I knew, however, that creating mashups was nothing but a pipe dream in regards to longevity, and that unless I could express myself through original content that there would be no chance of me fulfilling my dreams. I could have continued touring and made a name for myself that would eventually dwindle away or I could create something that had real lasting power, which is why I decided to take a step back from mashups all together and focus on original productions.

What were some stand-out artists or records to you?

Kantor: Between 2010 to now, there have been a lot of artists who broke the mold of what was the “standard”. To name a handful I’d have to say for the older tracks, Dog Blood’s “Middle Finger”, Jack Ü’s “Take Ü There”, Bassnectar’s “Bass Head”, Knife Party’s “Sleaze”, and for the newer tracks, Shadient’s “Collider”, eclipse & jaron’s “lunar”, PEEKABOO & G-Rex’s “Babatunde”, and 1788-L & Blanke’s “D E S T I N Y”.

You perform your hand-built DDR-inspired launch pad on stage, is there a lot of pressure with that experience?

Kantor: Yeah there is, especially the first time around. But, with practice, comes confidence. I feel a lot less pressure with performing on the DDR launchpad than I used to due to training constantly (it’s a pretty intense workout!) and fixing some bugs I had to deal with. Every time I perform on the DDR launchpad I gain a little more experience and confidence in front of a crowd. All in all, the more I perform on it the more it feels natural like riding a bike. It’s definitely the most intense performance I can give and I expect it to continue to grow as an entertaining experience for not only myself but more importantly the audience.

What are your plans for 2019?

Kantor: I have a ton of releases lined up for 2019, already planning new DDR launchpad videos, and I expect to be playing quite a number of shows. 2019 should be the year that I take the DDR pads on the road!

House | Kantor Unleashes House-Inspired Remix Of Miss Janni ‘s “Lucid Dreams”

Posted by on October 5, 2018

Kantor, formally known as 5 & A Dime, is following up his debut original “Bodies” with a tech-deep influenced vibe “Lucid Dreams (Kantor Remix)” originally by Miss Janni. The release is an official remix on Warner Music Hong Kong and focuses on one electronic genre most beloved by the globe: house music. With grace and sophistication, the remix delivers on a fresh feel to Miss Janni’s initial direction.

Kantor’s shows are just as much of a highlight, using a custom DDR inspired dancepad to control his live music, via samples programmed into each button in front of an audience. Undoubtedly, few have attempted to bring about a music experience such as this, let alone successfully funnel down through the logistics process to make it to a venue and successfully attempt it. Kantor will certainly have more content follow up in no time.