Progressive House | Julian Jordan – Aztec

Posted by on December 12, 2013

Julian Jordan Arms Up

Having hit 100k fans on Facebook, Julian Jordan has decided to give out a dynamite free original. Too often we see bootlegs given out for big Facebook milestones, when you know they are holding on to goodie, goodies like this. This track is crisp, powerful and melodic, making it possibly one of the young Dutchman’s strongest tracks to date.

Free Download: Julian Jordan – Aztec

Events, Review | Julian Jordan Makes his New York Headline Debut at Santos Party House 6/22/12 (Review)

Posted by on July 2, 2013

Julian Jordan Arms UpIt had been a long couple days. Two days before I had attended the Zedd show on Pier 84 and its ensuing festivities, my 22nd birthday was that Friday (it all goes downhill from there kids) and Julian Jordan made his New York City debut that Saturday night at Santos Party House. Going in, I had no expectations from him, since he is only 18 years old, and has only been thrust into the dance music spotlight recently because of a select few productions and a strong marketing team.

Upon arriving at the club at around 1am, I was met with a nearly half-full house and filling up, and the opener still holding down on decks. Julian Jordan was surveying the scene from an elevated platform to the left with a rider largely untouched. The openers played some second tier hits until around 1:15, when Julian Jordan came down and took over the decks during “Follow You”.


Electro-House | Martin Garrix – Animals

Posted by on June 18, 2013

Martin Garrix - AnimalsWith his BFAM, Julian Jordan making his way to New York this Saturday, Martin Garrix provides us with his long awaited festival hit. The saga behind the song has helped its fame to this point. It was first IDed by Spinnin Records as Hardwell & GTA track, possibly to get the hype going. Then from there it was IDed as a Sidney Samson & Martin Garrix song, and though it is now just Martin Garrix’s single, one cannot rule out the possibility of Samson providing a little guidance since he has acted a mentor to him.

“Animals” embraces the minimal drops being championed by all ranges of producers in 2013, in part as a quick fix for staying relevant in the festival season, and another because there seems to be an insatiable appetite for it by the fans. With a more innovative style than most coming out today, “Animals” relies on a quick succession of pitched percussion, and a big room build to bring the track together. Look for this to be played often this summer and watch for it on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings Compilation, releasing this Friday, June 21st.

Beatport: Martin Garrix – Animals


Contests, Events, Featured | Win a Table for you and 4 Friends at Santos Party House 6/22 with Julian Jordan

Posted by on June 16, 2013

Julian Jordan Santos GiveawayOne of Holland’s most promising young talents, Julian Jordan will be making New York headlining debut next weekend at Santos Party House and we will be there to celebrate. His hard-hitting electro sound is what you need to cut loose, with a set full of heart-racing electro tracks. He is blowing up and on the fast track to success, so make sure you see Julian Jordan before everyone knows about him.

In celebration of the night, we are giving away a table for you and 4 friends that includes one free bottle. If you want to live the VIP life, then enter this competition because this is for you. If you are not a betting individual and want to guarantee your entry, head to the link below and purchase your tickets. Check out a few tracks to get your appetite wet, including his upcoming collaboration with fellow countryman TV Noise, “Childish Grandpa”, which is slated for release July 1st on Spinnin Records.



Electro-House | Julian Jordan & Martin Garrix – BFAM

Posted by on November 13, 2012

The two budding Dutch producers, who’s combined age on looks would have trouble getting into an American bar, certainly don’t lack talent, notably with Julian Jordan putting out some solid remixes this year and “Kangaroo” being a huge single. “BFAM” or “Brother From Another Mother”, is a testament to their long friendship as the track combines soothing interludes with a chugging, grinding electro drop. The support for this track is already flying in from all over, so be sure to watch out for this song and for these guys in the not so distant future.

Beatport: Julian Jordan & Martin Garrix – BFAM

Electro-House | Sander van Doorn & Julian Jordan – Kangaroo

Posted by on August 20, 2012

This song has all the hallmarks of Julian Jordan’s heavy electro house style with Sander van Doorn almost acting as the master making sure all of the pieces are properly put in place. Sander van Doorn is an adaptable producer, as shown from his shift from trance to house, however this is such an abrupt change from his previous productions that the break had to have come from the young 17 year old Julian Jordan. It is heavy, like punch to the gut heavy, as it starts with an easy going melody and steady bass line that does not prepare you for the high pitched synths, growling undertones and thumping bass that barrel down on you in the break.

Beatport: Sander van Doorn & Julian Jordan – Kangaroo

Electro-House | Julian Jordan & TV Noise – Oxford

Posted by on May 20, 2012

Julian Jordan at the ripe age of 16 is back again this time with support from the young dutch duo TV Noise. Together they put together “Oxford” that builds with a piano melody and accompanying guitar riffs with a supporting bass line. The song then drops off into a break of punching bass, growling low end synth and piercing, pitched synths. This is a superb production from the young Dutchmen and we will be seeing a lot more from these guys in the future as Sander van Doorn is very high on Julian Jordan and is even collaborating on a track with him. Make sure to check out Julian Jordan’s previous stuff HERE, including a free download.

Also included is a preview for Julian Jordan’s remix of Sander van Doorn’s anthem “Nothing Inside”. While the original takes the cake for me, this remix is a solid take on the track with a good electro drop.

Julian Jordan & TV Noise – Oxford – Beaport Link

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