Albums, Hip-Hop | CJ Trillo – Volume 1: Nostalgia

Posted by on November 5, 2013


Nearly 2 years ago one of our writers, W8, introduced me to a very dope and underrated artist that is CJ Trillo. Ever since then, I’ve kept CJ projects in heavy rotation due to his pure lyrical originality and smooth productions, which are for the most part created by his right hand man, Jim IE. Today he released his fourth project, Volume 1: Nostalgia. CJ said that this project is everything in him that he’s wanted to release, but was always too self-conscious to in the past. He’s finally reached the point in his artistic career where he’s grown past the concern of how other people view him. With that being said, he has finally allowed himself to vocalize and create all the ideas and vibes he’s wanted to since he first started rapping back in 2009. Listen and download the full project below and get to know CJ in this recent interview about Volume 1: Nostalgia.


DOWNLOAD: CJ Trillo – Volume 1: Nostalgia

Chill, Dubstep, Exclusive | Joey Pecoraro – Sign Me

Posted by on May 8, 2012

As of right now, we all have to reavaluate our current definition of “chill”. All thanks to Joey Pecoraro, a 17 year old beatmaker from Michigan. To say I had this record on repeat for the better part of all day yesterday would be an understatement, never was there even a lingering thought to turn this off. Although one thing did come to mind – it deserved a lengthening. I asked if Joey would do that, and thankfully he did. Sign Me is expelled from time in somewhat of a colorful hypnosis, so whether you are smoking something potent or simply doing whatever it is that you do, Sign Me is that track.

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DOWNLOAD: Joey Pecoraro – Sign Me (Extended Version)