Electronic, RnB | Joe Hertz Debuts ‘How It Feels’ EP and it’s a super sultry

Posted by on September 23, 2016

If you’re not familiar with Joe Hertz yet, you better start today. He’s just dropped his long awaited debut EP ‘How It Feels’ and there are some serious vibes throughout. His lead single “Playing For You” featuring Bassette has already put Joe in a good position for the rest of the EP, with over 90 thousand plays on Soundcloud and over 160,000 plays on Spotify, and we knew the rest to follow would be just as good. With 5 new singles Joe is creating his own sound of R&B / Electronic music. This one is a must listen. You can support Joe by purchasing it over on iTunes or Streaming it on Soundcloud below! 

Electronic | You Have To Hear Cabu’s “Stay Lost” Remix

Posted by on April 19, 2016

There’s so much nonsense out there in the blog space now. Terrible tunes being re-posted by bloggers and curators who manage the artists. Blogs gaming the Hype machine system. Paying for re-posts. It’s a dirty game. One of the last bastions of credibility on the internet is popular Youtube channel Selected, who shared this excellent tune via their Soundcloud account this afternoon, which I recommend you follow, but I digress.

Sydney based producer Michael Salisbury, also known as Cabu, dropped an incredibly infectious “Stay Lost” remix originally performed by Joe Hertz featuring Amber-Simone. The remix is currently topping the Hypem charts, and rightly so. You can’t help but turn this tune up and sway in your seat at work while you count the hours. Let this brilliant remix take you to another level.

Coming soon via Juicebox Recordings.

Show it some love on Hypem too.