Hip-Hop, Videos | Ty X Gspence – On Everything (Prod. By Gspence)

Posted by on August 15, 2012

“Long days, bright nights, spend it all this evening, I think I just might.”

I really can’t say enough about Ty and Gspence. I’ve literally spent the last 30 minutes thinking of something to say. They’re both insanely talented. Easily the most exciting up-and-coming artist/producer duo in the blogosphere in my opinion. They’re like Batman and Robin without the spandex. Plus, they do everything in house. They record. They producee. They mix. They edit. Bottom line, they’ve got an arsenal of talent they’ve put on display in their new “On Everything” video shot in the big apple. Ty and GSpence’s highly anticipated “New Ivy League” project drops August 30th.


Mixtapes | New Affiliated Artist: Kinetics & One Love

Posted by on May 12, 2010

Considering the quality of music that Kinetics & One Love produces at the comfort of their frat house, these Ivy League shmucks (and I only say that out of pure jealousy) are one of the most underrated groups to hit my eardrums in a long while. It’s time to go back to the drawing board because these two are definitely redefining electro-hop. Their music consists of clever rhymes and flawless integrations of sounds common to the electro, hip-hop, and rap genres. They seem quite comfortable exploring the outskirts of the mainstream realm and aren’t afraid to switch up styles and sounds between their songs. Perhaps that’s what attracts me to their music. The generic sound of music these days has become monotonous, leaving me with a thirst that Kinetics & One Love easily quenches through their distinct array of tracks. If they hadn’t already sold their “Airplanes” instrumentals and vocals to B.o.B (thus solidifying their name in the music industry), I’d claim to have discovered a musical gem. I highly recommend you download their full album “Fading Back to Normal” for free off of their official site HERE. If however you don’t want to take that leap of faith, I’ve posted a few tracks below that showcase their signature and innovative vibe quite well.

MUST DOWNLOAD: Kinetics & One Love – Breakup Sex

MUST DOWNLOAD: Kinetics & One Love – Jewels (Feat. Christine Dominguez)

MUST DOWNLOAD: Kinetics & One Love – Rings of Saturn (Jupiter Ace Remix) DOPE!

I could have written “MUST DOWNLOAD” for all of the tracks so just download these too:

Download: Kinetics & One Love – Dazed and Confused
Download: Kinetics & One Love – Butterfly Effect
Download: Kinetics & One Love – When The Buzz Dissappears
Download: Kinetics & One Love – Fading… (Feat. Christine Dominguez)
Download: Kinetics & One Love – The New Colossus