Bass | MiNDTRiX & SWRVN Drop Remix Of Travis Marsh “Illegal”

Posted by on October 20, 2017

New groups are a dime a dozen, but MiNDTRiX have legs on them that makes them stand out. From sound to brand and now their latest remix with SWRVN, the duo is solidifying themselves quickly within the dance scene while still providing a certain level of mystery about who they are and what they do. “iLLEGAL (MiNDTRiX x SWRVN REMiX)” is rough around the edges but still very dance friendly, a unique essense that can be hard to capture. MiNDTRiX is also the winner of the Lay Me Down remix contest, showcasing they are plugged in and more foreward thinking than some may initially give them credit for.