Electronic | Discover Limbic Void & His New Single “Little Boy”

Posted by on April 14, 2016

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Always on the look out for new artists, so always a treat when I get sent something new and refreshing, not the “fresh” in refreshing. Today’s latest comes from Norway, with “Little Boy” from Limbic Void, an electronic pop single, that dabbles between future and nu disco. Names that come to mind when listening are Icarus, and Point Point, obviously not similar, but within that category of artists, it’s forward thinking and progressive, in a lane of it’s own. Press play, and keep your ears out for his upcoming EP Lapdogs.

Drum & Bass, Electro-House, House | Madeon – The City EP

Posted by on October 9, 2012


Madeon’s The City EP dropped yesterday, bringing us original and extended mixes of the titular track, a live version of “Icarus,” and some very fresh DnB remixes to boot. If you never once thought that Madeon’s distinctive brand of nu-disco would lend itself well to drum n’ bass — well, you’re not alone. I approached these remixes (specifically, Netsky’s remix of “Finale” and Fred V & Grafix’s remix of “Icarus”) with a fair degree of skepticism and found myself utterly blown away. Netsky achieves the impossible (in my humble opinion) and actually improves upon “Finale,” finding a way to milk even more drama out a track that’s already chock full of adrenaline. I always found the original unsatisfyingly brief, so I really appreciate the way Netsky draws out each build and adds new color by way of some wonderfully different chord progressions. Exeter duo Fred V & Grafix likewise breathe new life into an old favorite; they dexterously manipulate the tempo of the now-familiar “Icarus” and layer in fast, choppy breakbeats, which (perhaps surprisingly) have the effect of magnifying the punchy, bright synths we all know and love. In all, this is a tight and very savvy release from our favorite little Frenchman who continues to prove that he’s got this game on lock.

Beatport: Madeon – The City EP