Chill | Harry Nathan Goes For Bohemian Dream Pop on “Sweet Vanilla Sky”

Posted by on April 4, 2019

Following on his release “Rooftops” which has won him 14 independent short film awards worldwide, Harry Nathan returns with a softer melody on his new single “Sweet Vanilla Sky”. His sound is a fresh take on Bohemian Dream Pop and its evident in the new release which floats effortlessly from start to finish. Harry’s music is driven by a desire to explore the intricacies of modern love and human connection. He’s got new music on the way next month, and much more to come this summer. We’re floating along to “Sweet Vanilla Sky” now and you might want to as well.



Chill | Harry Nathan Follows Up Award Winning Music Video With Sophomore Single “Timeless Dream”

Posted by on November 7, 2018

Harry Nathan’s “Timeless Dream” follows up a bombastic kick off with his debut single “Rooftops” aligned with an award-winning music video. “Rooftops” introduced us to a sun-kissed yet surprisingly experimental realm where the world as we know it and a neighboring alternate dimension overlap. “Timeless Dream” falls in line with the themes of the original, containing a similar groove previous listeners will recognize. With that said, the entire emotion of the song vastly shifts compared to the first: melancholy piano, dim atmospheres, and a darkly reflective feeling play out giving this release it’s own life. Harry Nathan seems far from lacking in creative talent, expect more content from him soon.

Chill | Harry Nathan Shows How Good Music Videos Can Be Again In “Rooftops”

Posted by on September 14, 2018

Harry Nathan proves how strong music videos can be when creators don’t cop out with money, cars, and girls. The soloist pulls together a video that nails all the key points, from the visual to the story and beyond. The song and video both attaining a certain level of infectiousness and memorability. The audio itself carries an eclectic sound: melodic vocals, brass instrumentation, and reggaetone upbeats colliding to form an experience all its own.

Harry Nathan has graduated both from Berkley College of Music and Icon Collective, clearly having gained some clout and resources during the process to pull off a video of this caliber. Harry Nathan has set the bar high, giving soon-to-be-fans (this is debut single) and current fans strong content to latch onto.