Bass | GunFight Steps Into Melodic Future Bass Territory With New Tune “Acid Rush”

Posted by on October 5, 2021

Throughout his lengthy career, that started back in 2014 with his debut single “Infinite,” which was followed by two albums later in 2017, GunFight has amassed an extraordinary number of accomplishments, among them receiving support from some of the most legendary names in the scene, such as Craze, Don Diablo and Lost Frequencies. Following an impressive streak of singles that started more than 1.5 years ago, GunFight has now just shared his brand new tune “Acid Rush.” 

With the 4-minute song, GunFight steps into melodic trap territory, yet manages to keep all the qualities that make his music unique. From its cinematic intros to its heavy bass, “Acid Rush” feels like an undisputed GunFight song with an added melodic flavour and trap rhythms. It’s a refreshing and exciting step for an artist who is known for always striving to one-up himself, and we can’t wait to see where he decides to take things next. 

Bass | GunFight Is Back With Impressive Bass Gem “Nuclear”

Posted by on March 6, 2021

Coming back to the spotlight with his first release of the year, US-based talent GunFight has just unleashed impressive bass gem “Nuclear.” GunFight has had a truly impressive run last year, sharing 12 originals ranging from dubstep to drum & bass and electro, while receiving wide acclaim from some of the scene’s most established publications. 

“Nuclear” acts as yet another perfect showcase of GunFight’s skills in the studio, driven by mind-bending sound design and sinister melodies. Coming alongside one of his most intricate visuals yet, “Nuclear” is filled with groovy basslines, bright synths and anthemic atmospheres, making up for a mid-tempo vibe that could definitely be the soundtrack to a futuristic, post-apocalyptic video game. 

Drum & Bass | GunFight Returns With Explosive Single “Digital Chords”

Posted by on November 27, 2020

Undoubtedly wrapping up the most successful year in his career so far, GunFight has dropped yet another explosive drum & bass banger, unleashing energetic single “Digital Chords.” With support from established artists in the industry, among them Cedric Gervais, Craze, Don Diablo and Lost Frequencies, GunFight has released more than 10 singles in 2020, always making sure to accompany his work with engaging visuals that showcase the futuristic aesthetic of his project.

GunFight’s “Digital Chords” is yet another testament to the US-based producer’s artistic progression, filled with interesting sonics and rumbling low end. A captivating atmosphere kicks off the single with the help of psychedelic vocals and deep bass, while the drop explodes out of the blue with the help of expert sound design and hard-hitting drum work.


Albums, Bass | GunFight Drops Explosive New Gem “Virtual Séance”

Posted by on October 30, 2020

Slowly wrapping up the most successful year in his career, GunFight has dropped yet another bass gem with “Virtual Séance.” Marking his 10th release in 2020, GunFight has undoubtedly proven himself as a powerhouse within the bass music scene, showcasing immense production skills while fleshing out a stunning, futuristic visual world. 

Virtual Séance” sees GunFight continue to experiment with various bass tempos and styles, this time bringing together industrial techno and electro house aesthetics. A sinister atmosphere and psychedelic vocals introduce the single, before the drop explodes into a menacing sequence of bass stabs and sharp drums. 

Albums, Bass | GunFight Returns With Powerful New Single – “Revolt”

Posted by on October 13, 2020

With a mind-bending instrumental that only escalates, and hard-hitting bass textures, GunFight bounces back with a whirlwind of a single. With prior support from industry giants like, Dancing Astronaut and Your EDM, GunFight has become known for his powerful mid-tempo bangers, and in the process found a dedicated audience over the past few months with his consistent release schedule and unique style. Following suit, his latest release is a fusion of genres sure to keep the party and club packed until the early hours of the morning.

Swaying between Dubstep, Midtempo, Industrial and experimental – each element blended together into a synthesis of expression, “Revolt” is sure to be one of many triumphs to come. Listeners should keep their eyes and ears tuned to this artist to see what he does next.

Electro | GunFight Unleashes New Banger With “Tomorrow’s Endorphins”

Posted by on August 29, 2020

Continuing to flesh out the futuristic world inside his head, GunFight has returned with yet another bass-heavy release. The US-based mastermind producer has been working effortlessly this year to establish his name within the bass music world and with support from top-tier publications like, Your EDM and Dancing Astronaut alongside a snowballing Spotify listenership, it seems to be paying off. 

GunFight’s latest Electro gem comes in the form of “Tomorrow’s Endorphins”, an explosive electro-house banger. Continuing to build upon the artist’s post-apocalyptic aesthetic, the single is full of ominous atmospheres, cinematic hits and lively effects. A DJ-friendly intro kicks off the track with the help of a driving house beat, while the drop explodes into a unique series of glitchy arrangements, gritty sound design and massive basslines. 

“GunFight is protest music. We have to take on the issues at hand today so that we can begin to plan for a better tomorrow,” says the artist.