Dubstep, Electro-House, Review | Zomboy – The Dead Symphonic EP

Posted by on September 3, 2012

Zomboy has outdone himself, something that to my own disappointment in myself, I thought was not possible. To honor this great masterpiece, I REFUSE TO RELATE ZOMBOY TO SKRILLEX. Ah, feels good to get that out there. As similar as their styles are, Zomboy produces significantly different than the Dubstep tycoon. Zomboy actually has gone much heavier in his productions, something that Sev and I thoroughly enjoy. I have so much to say about this EP, but I know the last thing anyone wants to do is read for hours. My top three tracks from the EP are “Nuclear,” “Vancouver Beatdown,” and “Gorilla March.”

“Nuclear” is a wild Reggae/Drumstep track. The vibes that follow with this filthy track make you glad it wasn’t a short listen. “Vancouver Beatdown” is one of the heavier dance tunes that I am actually able to enjoy. A lot of producers just think that because they added in heavy synths and bass that people will love it. Sadly people will, because that style distracts people from the fact that the track has no creativity. Thankfully that isn’t the case for this sweet Electro-House tune. Lastly, “Gorilla March,” oh my god. This track makes you want to start moshing hardcore, turn this heater up as high as you can and throw down like never before. My three favorites in no way reflect how massive of a release this truly is. Zomboy is officially a god for this EP, he has set an incredible standard.


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