House, Techno | BLAZ – Idiot // A-Spec

Posted by on September 12, 2013


Some techy madness for those of you like to go van deeper. Blaz is a producer out of Austin (#ATX baby) who likes to keep it dark, minimal, and borderline analog. “Idiot” is robotic future music of the highest order and “A-Spec” is the kind of track that, if played loudly and on repeat in the dark, will quickly cause you to lose much of your ability to keep track of time. Check them out below — free DLs; get weird on this rainy Thursday.

Mashups, Preview, Videos | Middy’s Mashups

Posted by on October 26, 2011

This is the Avicii song played during his interview with Future Music, simply amazing. Here are two mashups from out friend Dotcom and DEFEP. Dotcom puts together a simple, yet great mashup of “Toy Story” by David Guetta and “Stronger” from Kanye West. The added instrumental from “Toy Story” adds that little extra to the build and brings the drop in the chorus to another level. Check out Dotcom on Facebook and Soundcloud.
DOWNLOAD: Dotcom – Stronger Toys

DEFEP is known for putting together some quality bootlegs and this one is no different. Seamlessly transitioning between “Awooga” from Calvin Harris and the recent release from Hardwell “Cobra” and even combining them at points, DEFEP is able to create a great instrumental underneath the vocals of Red Carpet “Alright”.
DOWNLOAD: Hardwell vs Calvin Harris vs Red Carpet – Alright Cobrawooga (DEFEP Festival Bootleg)

Electro | Smokey Robotic – Forever My Love | Hip-Hop/Pop/Electro

Posted by on February 17, 2011

What’d I tell everyone last week about this group? That they straight up bring the heat in their own lane. Now I come back to you with some bulletproof confirmation of that statement, just take a look at Lindsay Lohan’s Tweet: “@lindsaylohan: Check out the new Smokey Robotic Video!! Follow them and their Super-Future music!”. Now if that isn’t enough proof then I don’t know what is. Anyways here’s their latest track and official music video for it. I need one of those helmets so I can stop using a bag when I get home from latenight. Those things are smoking!

In order to download the track, visit their website (linked) and hit the “Like” or “Tweet” button underneath the video. Boom piece of cake, guerilla marketing at its finest. I can’t wait until our lives are based on the number of twitter followers and facebook friends we have under our belts…