House | Funkagenda vs Buena Vista Social Club – Candela

Posted by on January 15, 2013

To my surprise, I have discovered that a lot of people actually have never heard of the legendary Buena Vista Social Club. The Cuban band has created some of the most influential Latin music, my favorite of their’s being “Chan Chan.” Funkagenda was roaming through his old files and came across this 3-4 year old gem he never released. The second I hit play, I knew the most factor of this was whether or not Funkagenda screwed up the vocals. Thankfully he did nothing to them and laid them perfectly over the instrumental. It would be interesting to see more Latin infused House tracks like this.


Progressive House | The XX – Fiction (Funkagenda Bootleg Re-Edit)

Posted by on December 26, 2012

Britain native, Funkagenda has released his much requested bootleg, remix of The XX’s “Fiction” that had originally been slated for an official release, but now is being given out as a Christmas gift by himself and his label, Funk Farm. Funkagenda is able to capture impeccably the smooth, easygoing essence of the original, notably the ethereal guitar melody and build on that with a similar synth chord progression and a slow chugging bass line.

Free Download: The XX – Fiction (Funkagenda Bootleg Re-Edit)

Dubstep | Paul Thomas – Buzz Killington (Funkagenda Remix)

Posted by on January 30, 2012

This track is a dubstep masterpiece. Funkagenda completely caught me off guard and blew me away with this melodic dubstep monster. When Mach told me to go check this song out on UKF the day it was put up, all I could think to myself was, “I wonder how terrible this song is going to be.” It was probably the worst call I had ever made, because this track has already hit 100+ plays on my iTunes and I have only had it for a few hours. I have been a fan of Funkagenda’s progressive house tracks for quite some time, but I never thought I would see his name on a dubstep track. Show him some support and get this track on Beatport HERE.

DOWNLOAD:  Paul Thomas – Buzz Killington (Funkagenda Remix)