Freestyle | Dunson – Lord Knows Freestyle

Posted by on January 5, 2012

Kenton Dunson just announced that he is dropping his first name from his stagename to be just Dunson. Along with it, he dropped a sick freestyle over Drake’s “Lord Knows”. You can definitely tell that Dunson is hungry to break out in the scene by this track. In it, he spits about his road as an artist and his goals for the future. His first single off his upcoming project is due out very soon. The track is produced by the Grammy-nominated production team, Phatboi Entertainment, and from what I heard, it may be his biggest hit yet. Stay updated on future releases from Dunson and help him regain his fans by liking his new fan page on Facebook.

“As matters progress, I have made the creative decision to continue my artistic journey under the name Dunson. This simply means that I will be dropping Kenton from the artist name. While it doesn’t change very much, we believe it represents a more defined character while allowing for a greater overall reach and impact. At this stage, I find it important to take the necessary steps to touch as many people as possible with what I offer as an artist. This allows me to accomplish that with more precision and less confusion.” – Dunson

Download: Dunson – Lord Knows Freestyle

Electro, Hip-Hop | Timeflies – The Chase | Electro-Hop

Posted by on March 2, 2011

Here’s the latest release from Timeflies. This time the boys incorporated some light dubstep whomps to back their beat. As usual they kill the hook and lay down some solid bars. There should be some show announcements in the near future so stay tuned to their Facebook fan page and the official Timeflies website.

DOWNLOAD: Timeflies – The Chase

Reggae | REGGAE | Mark Hardy “All I Want Is You” Official Video

Posted by on January 4, 2011

Every now and again I’ll hit our fans with some quality reggae tunes. Unfortunately, the production and quality expectations aren’t as high in the Carribean so it’s extremely difficult to find tracks that won’t give our American fans an ear sore. Well we are lucky because our long time brudda, Mark Hardy, keeps pumping out tracks that are mastered in the US. Don’t worry, this doesn’t dilute the authenticity of his Trinidadian flare – just makes it that much more crisp. We dropped this Mark Hardy freestyle over Miguel and J.Cole’s “All I Want Is You” back in November and above is the official music video for it. Hopefully the new team he’s put together will continue his momentum. For more information, check out his Official Facebook Page and on Twitter. Like his fan page because this standup and humble artist is here to stay.

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DOWNLOAD: Mark Hardy – All I Want Is You

DOWNLOAD: Mark Hardy – Gone


Events | 20 min left for Cuervo Gladiators!

Posted by on October 26, 2010

The FNT Sponsored Cuervo Games Gladiators, hailing from Boston, are nearing the end of the first competition in their games: getting the most FB “Likes” for their team. Right now they are barely behind the leading team. A mere 50 or so FB “Likes” separate them from their first victory They are currently in the lead. Here at FNT we don’t encourage second place finishes, so we need your help to help grow their fan page. To do so we are willing to raise the stakes. 5 members of the FB fan page will recieve their choice of free FNT gear, so spread the word!

Albums | FNT Sponsors Cuervo Gladiators!

Posted by on October 21, 2010

Think American Gladiator meets Fratstar in Sin City!….so what exactly is FNT sponsoring? Well…four 24-26 year olds that still believe in partying like a true Fratstars. These animals entered into the Jose Cuervo Games challenge that was held in 14 major US cities. They ended up destroying 50 other Boston teams and are now headed to Vegas to compete in the national finals against the other 13 US city winners. They are avid FNT fans and so…what the hell….OF COURSE we were going to sponsor these guys! Give them a “like” on Facebook…so that they can be featured sporting FNT tanks on the opening TV coverage of the event. (Note: Hit the like button for their Fan Page, not for this post..)