Exclusive, Featured, Interviews | Oliver Heldens Talks Evolution, Beard Care, Upcoming Productions and More (FNT Exclusive)

Posted by on February 12, 2014

oliver heldens

Holland made its way onto the global dance music scene with dutch house and then trance. It soon, alongside Sweden, became one of the powerhouse nations for dance music. In 2014 there is a new sound emanating from its cloudy, flat and rainy populace, something deeper and more groove driven, the sound that Oliver Heldens is bringing to the world.

The 18 year old had an abrupt change in sound at the end of 2013, going from a harder, electro sound to the current, “big room deep house” style that adds energy and style to a genre that can be flat and monotonous at times (yes some deep house can be boring). His career has exploded since then with the release of “Gecko” on Musical Freedom, first unveiled as an “ID” tune, an idea he loves, and has landed him the high-profile remix for Martin Garrix’s “Animals” and acclaim and support from DJs across all genres. He is set to blow up this year and we were able to ask him a few questions about his change in style, ghost producing, labels marketing songs as “IDs” and much more. Read on for the interview.

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Hip-Hop | Slum Village – Forever

Posted by on April 3, 2013


Here’s the first single off Slum Village’s forthcoming album ”Evolution” that is set to drop in June. I’ll save you that mundane description of ”Its got a nostalgic 90’s appeal to it” because in reality, whatever this may be is happening now. Hip-Hop at its finest kids.

Albums, Contests, Trance | Paul van Dyk – Evolution + Giveaway

Posted by on April 3, 2012

Paul van Dyk has finally released his 6th artist album “Evolution” and it does not disappoint. The wait has been excruciating for his fans after years of working on this album and countless release date delays (I went to an “Evolution World Tour” show in July last year). This album has something for everyone, from the long time trance heads, to even those who ignore everything that has to do with trance. The album crosses genre flawlessly from one song to the next with progressive anthems, some heavier tracks and of course plenty of that signature trance style from Paul van Dyk that made him the number one Dj in the world. Check out the album below and hit read on for a more in depth look at the album and the signed album & poster giveaway winner announcement (You have another 36 hours to claim your prize).



DJ-Set, Trance | Paul van Dyk ft. Arty – The Ocean

Posted by on March 23, 2012

Now this is just one of those trance combinations that you dream about. Arty is back to work with the legend Paul van Dyk on his studio album “Evolution”, delayed once more and now set to be released April 6th. This is the trance we used to get from Arty and what you expect from Paul van Dyk with some amazing female vocals to top it all off. This shows that Arty still has it in the realm of trance and whatever track he touches will be pure genius. This Paul van Dyk album is shaping up to be very interesting conglomerate of tracks with the progressive anthem “Verano“, “Eternity” a poppier track and now this trance masterpiece. Should be interesting to see how the rest of it all turns out. Also check out this interview with Paul van Dyk where he talks about the album including a drum and bass collaboration with arty?, his radio show and tears top 40 music a new one in the most calm and measured fashion. After the jump check out Mat Zo’s set from Group Therapy in Miami last night.

Paul van Dyk ft. Arty – The Ocean – iTunes Link