Electronic | Get Hyped on Autumn In June

Posted by on December 15, 2016

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Looking for a little story to go along with your music? Good because our boy, Autumn In June has quite the backstory. Born and raised in South Central LA, Autumn built his own DIY studio in his dad’s backyard using some 2×4’s and a little elbow grease. Having grown up in the heart of LA, AJ was brought up on a plethora of different styles of music and artists. In his most recent release, the wunderkind expertly layers golden piano chords and new wave strings with heavenly vocals and an upbeat 90s electro-funk beat. This kid is blowing up all over the place friends, don’t miss the hype train because it’s already halfway out of the station.

House | SxG – Fireball

Posted by on October 28, 2013



SxG the producer/DJ from Upenn sent this record “Fireball” over and I know a few DJs that are going to be happy. This undiscovered banger is sure to get a lot of college kids raging on the dance floor with a big build, and a hard drop announced by the tag line “B*tch, get off my dick.” This track is so good you’d think Hardwell’s camp sent this over, but nah, all DIY, produced in a dorm room. I’m with it! Get that free download, and must listen!

Free Download: SxG – Fireball