Progressive House | Laidback Luke & Angger Dimas feat. Polina – Night Like This

Posted by on August 20, 2012

After releasing the instrumental version of this great track 3 weeks ago, we finally have the full vocal version of “Night Like This” that sounded incomplete without the angelic vocals of Polina. The club mix is for fans of Dirty Dutch, replacing the progressive break of the main mix with a thumping, dutch drop. The main mix is my favorite of the two, continuing the style of the build with the deftly crafted key play in the melody and growling undertow that starts in the build as an ominous rumble. The track may have lost some of its momentum with the original release of the instrumental, but do not sleep on this massive song from Laidback Luke, Angger Dimas and Polina.

Moombahton | Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe (:Dface Remix)[FNT Exclusive]

Posted by on May 21, 2012

I have been wanting to release an exclusive track from :Dface ever since I started getting into his Moombahcore remixes a while back. Well I finally got it all worked out and we are left with this unexpected, yet mindblowing Dirty Dutch transitioning to Moombahton remix of the popular, Call Me Maybe. This track won me over after the first play. :Dface uses the vocals superbly by accompanying them with his melody, then building up to the dope Afrojack styled drop which surprised me coming from him. It isn’t over there, because the second drop is even better. He incorporates his signature Moombahton style into the end by slowing down the second drop and slamming us with those Moombah flavored drums mixed with the dutch synths.


Electro-House | Afrojack – Fatility

Posted by on March 13, 2012

Afrojack back at it again with yet another big release this week entitled Fatility. Still keeping the standards high after his previous release with Shermanology, this track brings in that same Dirty Dutch style we were so used to hearing from him in his early days. We saw little glimpses of this banger on live stream a few weeks ago and since then the fans have been dying for its release. Through the buildup we can progressively hear those signature Afrojack sounds we are so accustomed to hearing, while slowly building up to that sexy, high pitched dirty dutch drop. Ill leave you guys with some words from the wise, “If it ain’t Dutch it ain’t much.” -Middy.

BEATPORT — Afrojack – Fatility


Albums | Pitbull, Chuckie

Posted by on June 9, 2011

The latest song from Pitbull’s upcoming album Planet Pit produced by Redone featuring Marc Anthony. This one will be all over the radio in no time. This is a straight banger.
DOWNLOAD: Pitbull Ft. Marc Anthony – Rain Over Me (Radio Edit)

You see Chuckie and think Dirty Dutch, that would be right in most cases, but you would be wrong with this song. This song is a banger on its own and Chuckie adds his own different flavor to it and throws in an absolutely nasty drop.
DOWNLOAD: Jean Roch feat. Flo Rida & Kat DeLuna – I’m Alright (Chuckie Remix)

House | DJ PP, Audiojack, and more | Classic House

Posted by on June 3, 2011

Whatup FNT nation, sorry about the lack of posts on my part, just got back from Europe with the fam. Let’s get down to the roots. Classic House, let’s go.

DJ PP, sick classic house. Pong starts 2:15 in. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Bass Kleph, Stellar MC – $pend My Money (DJ PP Remix)

And another one. If you follow wall shot = 2 cups, start at 1:31. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: DJ PP & Festa Bros – Punto Com (Original Mix)

“Smooth like Keith Stone.” Bounce = 2 cups + 1 for every subsequent bounce. 1:30 in. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Blue Haze – The Abstract (Silinder Remix)

My favorite, ceiling shot = 3 cups. 2:17 in. 4.5/5
DOWNLOAD: Mario Ochoa – Bad (Original Mix)

Bonus Dutch House:
Dutch House is the form of house closely resemebling sounds produced by Chuckie, Hardwell, and the earlier music of Afrojack; the high pitched lead sounds are the signature difference between this type of house and others.

Artistic Raw hits us with a Dirty Dutch banger. If you like to get sloppy, start at 2:45. 4/5
DOWNLOAD: Artistic Raw – Play My Synth (Original Mix)