Progressive House | Crystal Fighters – Love Alight (Live City Remix)

Posted by on September 30, 2014

Crystal Fighters - Love Alight (Live City Remix)
Nipping on the heels of their free, official remix for Magic Man’s “Out Of Mind”, Live City waste no time in releasing another freemix (free remix). Now they add their cheery, progressive take on Crystal Fighters tune “Love Alright”, who are reeling from the tragic passing of their much loved drummer Andrea Marongiu. RIP. Live City went the unconventional route with this remix and actually reached out to the band to remix the song, who had heard of Live City and gave them the go ahead to remix the tune. Thus this track was born and is now yours for free. Enj…. ust kidding.

Free Download: Crystal Fighters – Love Alight (Live City Remix)

Dubstep | Crystal Fighters – Follow (Benga Remix)

Posted by on October 18, 2012

“Follow” is one of Crystal Fighters best tracks, to date. Benga has actually given away this remix for free, exclusively in the UK though. Don’t worry though I got everyone on this. Benga stated months ago that he was retiring from Dubstep, so either he is trolling like Spor did or he is slowly going to give away the music he has left. Either way it’s nice to see we will still get some fresh music from the legend.