Bass | Uncover AVANCE’s Inner Demons with ‘CREATION OF DISGUST’ Single

Posted by on March 30, 2024

AVANCE, a name that has become synonymous with the innovative edge of electronic music, particularly within the dubstep genre, has marked his territory with a series of chart-topping releases. His journey, punctuated by the acclaimed “Welcome To My Nightmare” and “Graves Full” EPs, showcases a unique blend of electronic prowess and a flair for the dramatic, weaving elements of horror into the tapestry of sound.

This distinctive approach has not only garnered him spots on electronic music charts but also earned the respect of industry giants like Skrillex, Alison Wonderland, Svdden Death, and DJ Diesel. Beyond music, AVANCE’s influence extends into horror film scoring and gaming soundtracks, where his capacity to meld atmospheric tension with electronic has been widely lauded.

“CREATION OF DISGUST,” AVANCE teams up with Qoiet, a metal/rocktronic artist known for his intense vocal delivery, to explore deeper into the realm of the riddim genre. This single transcends mere sound, delving into a narrative that is as personal as it is universal: a confrontation with a demon named Odious, symbolic of the artist’s innermost fears.

The collaboration results in a haunting mix of distorted drums, sinister melodies, and an ambiance that invites listeners into a world of revelation and darkness. “CREATION OF DISGUST” is not just a musical release; it is an introspective journey and shows that AVANCE continues to break boundaries within the electronic music scene. Through this release, AVANCE and Qoiet have not only pushed the limits of genre but also offered listeners a glimpse into a deeper experience of what these two heads can do together.