Hip-Hop | Featured Artist: None Like Joshua

Posted by on October 20, 2011

21 years old from Atlanta Georgia and currently resides in New Orleans, Joshua isn’t your average rapper. None Like Joshua comes in with a style like MIke Shinoda’s, but dreams further than the stars rapping over some of the hottest dubstep beats. After asking him to tell me a little about himself, I came to the conclusion his story is better told by his own words.

“I had been drumming since I was 9, got into songwriting when I was 17. Made horrible beats in Garageband and horrible raps since I wanted to be like Buck 65. Copped Logic Pro 8, started making much better beats and raps once I heard the Bike for Three album, and then started remixing trip-hop and putting it out on YouTube by 2009. Then I was getting more and more requests and eventually someone requested dubstep. Everything took off from there. There are big plans underway that I can’t say, but it will all occur in time.”

Above is one of his newest tracks builing up to his upcoming album with PITCHEDsenses. Below are a few of his great works, Graduation being one of my favorites of his. Check Out None Like Joshua on his WEBSITEFACEBOOKYOUTUBE, and SOUNDCLOUD.

DOWNLOAD: Gemini – Graduation (None Like Joshua Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Skrillex – First of the Year (None Like Joshua Remix)

DOWNLOAD: Ephixa – Lost Woods (Ephixa Dubstep) [None Like Joshua Remix]