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Posted by on December 24, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Chromeo – Night by Night (ProJect Aspect remix)

DOWNLOAD: Campa (The Cataracs) – Little Devil Produces by Nic Nac

DOWNLOAD: Deadmau5 ft. Neon Hitch – I Can’t Behave Myself

BONUS MASHUP DOWNLOAD: Black Eyed Peas Vs Joan Jett – The Time Vs I Love Rock And Roll DJs From Mars Mashup Bootleg Remix

Interviews, Videos | VBS Interview w/ Chromeo

Posted by on September 29, 2010

Chromeo may be the only Arab/Jewish electrofunk duo on the planet. Let that mixture be a smooth metaphor for their unique sound, a blend of fancy synthesizers, a talk box, old computers, and older funk phrasings, torn from the days when the lords of the disco wore white suits and Jheri curls.

But even if Patrick “P Thug” Gemayel and David “Dave 1” Macklovitch, who met in high school in Montreal, unabashedly worship at the altar of Hall & Oates, they keep one ear to hip hop too, turning knobs on their drum machines the way they turn festivals into disco funk jamz.

But they’re not all hot nights and cool suits: until recently, Gemayel put his business school acumen to work as the band’s tour manager, and Macklovitch is earning his PhD in French literature from Columbia. Dissertation topic: “Theorizing the Pleasure of Reading in Eighteenth Century France.”

But right now, he’s all about the pleasure of getting down. In advance of their new album Business Casual, Motherboard visited the groove scientists at home in Montreal to sample their secret synth sauce, and see how it’s made. -VBS

Electro, Hip-Hop, Techno | Chromeo – Business Casual

Posted by on September 7, 2010

Chromeo’s latest album drops in 7 days (sept 14th) so I figured it would be appropriate to give you guys a little taste of what to expect on their new album. Chromeo’s started off with more of a hip hop emphisis but after they dropped their album in 2004, they’ve been standing out by focusing their style of music on a more 80’s electric funk vibe.

Chromeo – Don’t Turn the Lights On(4 stars)

Chromeo – Don’t Walk Away(4 stars)

Chromeo – The Right Type(4 stars)

Chromeo – Hot Mess(3.5 stars)

BONUS: Chromeo – Night By Night (Midnight Conspiracy Remix)(4.5 stars) GET THIS REMIX


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Posted by on June 26, 2010

What an ill track. Seriously, this one takes the cake for my post. Add catchy synths and a pronounced bassline to some accentuated choruses and you’re good to go. This hybrid d-floor/chillin track will give your earbuds a taste of something different.
Must Download: Yeasayer – One (Build & Clancy Remix) DOPE!

Everyone and their mothers took a stab at remixing Chromeo’s hit “Night by Night,” but few productions piqued my interest like this one. Not too heavy, but not too slow either. Really digging some of the new sounds like the banjo synth that “Kill Them With Color” utilizes.
Must Download: Chromeo – Night By Night (Kill Them With Color Remix)

Punks Jump Up produces some bangin remixes.. I’m not sure if it’ll grab as much attention as their rendition of Animals, but it’s definitely a solid add to the tunes library.
Must Download: Miami Horror – Moon Theory (Punks Jump Up Remix)

Not much to say about this one, it’s difficult to sabatoge a soon-t0-be timeless track like Grum’s Heartbeat (which incidentally received some of the highest DL numbers last month). Worship revamps and spices things up nicely with this one, so If you’ve already overplayed the original song, download this track.
Download: Grum – Heartbeats (Worship Remix)

For good measure I had to include a track from Breakbot (pictured above). The guy’s a serial producer of bangers.
Download: Breakbot – Baby I’m Yours (Aeroplane Remix)