Chill | Elmin Ferati Teams Up With Amber Skyes Forming Dance Pop Original “Can’t Let Go”

Posted by on July 2, 2018

Elmin Ferati’s choice of vocals, as the tumbleweed of ambiguity that is producing/writing was bouncing down it’s path, seems to have been a key element that allowed “Can’t Let Go” to become the completed project we hear today. The dance-friendly single embraces plenty of chill and illustrious experiences within, the vocal and beat working in sync to nail a particular sound. This is far from Ferati’s first go around, tons of support from the trance world have come his way over the years, in particular from Armin van Buuren and his label Armada. Elmin Ferati’s 2018 is looking brighter than ever, more time will show what else he has under his sleeve this year.