Bass | BTSM & TMRRW Go All Out With “Everything”

Posted by on September 20, 2019

Black Tiger Sex Machine have had an unforgettable year thus far. Specifically in regard to their unrelenting festival season, BTSM continue to up the ante on what a show is to be about. A big part of that is the music and today they dropped their highly anticipated anthem “Everything” on their label Kannibalen Records alongside collaborators TMRRW and the ever so talented vocalist Micah Martin. “Everything” is an instant classic that blends rock and electro together like never before. Prepare yourself, things are about to get epic…

Electro-House, House | Black Tiger Sex Machine Bring The Rage With “Sleep Now In The Fire” Remix

Posted by on August 19, 2015

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After premiering their explosive Futuristic Thriller mix here with us at Fresh New Tracks, Black Tiger Sex Machine are back with their first remix. The masked Canadians took on “Sleep Now In The Fire,” the 1999 Rage Against The Machine single off The Battle of Los Angeles album. I don’t think the tigers could have picked a more appropriate song to remix, as the style and attitude fits right in line with what BTSM have been doing. With more soft styles at the forefront, Black Tiger Sex Machine have kept at pushing their hard electro style, which this remix embodies wholeheartedly. They’re on a surge to the top, and they aren’t going to stop until their rage revolution has taken over the game.

Free Download: Rage Against The Machine – Sleep Now In The Fire (Black Tiger Sex Machine Remix)