House | Booyah Riot’s “Taste Desire” Takes Dramatic Piano House To New Levels

Posted by on May 11, 2016

Booyah Riot are gradually making their mark on the scene, now releasing “Taste Desire,” which pulls together many musical elements in a unique, fun, and meaningful way. The vocal sample is the icing on the cake, which fuses beautifully with the house core.

I have a feeling Booyah Riot are just getting warmed up on 2016, prepare to see more action from the Miami act soon.

Chill | Booyah Riot’s “Till Death Do Us Party” Pairs Progressive With Pop

Posted by on March 8, 2016


If pop is what you like, Booyah Riot brings this genre and dance together in ways that’s familiar and fun.

Booyah Riot tells a heart felt story of something we can all relate to, our partying and love path tending to intertwine at unexpected moments.

The high energy, happy vibe layered with just as exciting lyrics is what makes “Tell Death Do Us Party” stick.

With so many genres exploding and intertwining lately, Booyah’s single finds a nice home in the chill house realm, so if you think you’ll dig, dive in.