Electronic | No Limits – Timeless Into The Night

Posted by on July 2, 2014

No Limits - Timeless Into The Night

There are few things as impressive as somebody driving an entry-level BMW, but No Limits certainly is. I even went as far as comparing them to Algeria, Africa’s largest country when I posted their prior release, “Another World”, a couple weeks ago. “Timeless Into The Night”, their follow up to that is vaguely similar in style, but has a more chilled out vibe to it. Amazing work done by the boys once again on this one.

Free Download: No Limits – Timeless Into The Night

Hip-Hop, Rap | Marc Goone – Real Cracker (prod. by Aaron Zuckerman)

Posted by on December 12, 2012

I’m not sure what golf course let Marc Gone film this provocative video, or let him anywhere near a putting green with pants like that, but wherever they are; we thank you. I often receive complaints such as: “not real hip-hop,” “this sux” or “Joseph I hate you so much you broke my heart in 8 different places I won’t ever be able to love again.” You guys need to take this video for what it is, it’s entertaining, and damn entertaining at that. Marc recruits some pretty girls, borrows a set of golf clubs, rents a BMW, and gets Aaron Zuckerman to make him a beat. If you aren’t entertained by this, well, keep scrolling. I’m sure we’ve got something to tickle your fancy.