Chill, Hip-Hop | Billy Chambers keeps things light and refreshing with Breakdown

Posted by on August 2, 2015

Billy Chambers is someone I’ve had my eye on for a while, and who has made multiple appearances on Fresh New Tracks. When Billy connects, he connects. He tows the line of pop and rap, using his rapping as a tool rather than the be-all and end-all of his music.

In “Breakdown” Billy expresses some of his successes and tells stories from thus far in his musical career. The bubbly production accompanies his croning and makes for a catchy, exciting and entirely new sound. “You’ve got a whole lot of love, but a broken heart.” sings Billy, showing his talents stretch beyond just being sonically pleasing and in to a lyrical wittiness.

Stay tuned for more from this young DMV representative.

Hip-Hop, Rap | The (W)rap Up Vol. 5

Posted by on April 28, 2015

Kojey Radical – Bambu

There’s something about a deep-voiced British accent that is soothing to listen to. Which in this case is quite surprising once you grasp how destructive Kojey Radical’s lyrics actually are.

The London-raised emcee uses a spoken-word delivery, and accompanied by the dark and beautiful video makes a 4 minute story and movie worth watching.

Ravyn Lenae – Blossom Dearie

Once again we venture out of the confines of rap to bring you a new release from the 16-year-old Ravyn Lenae. With a poise, sound and talent far beyond her years, Ravyn chirps her sweet melodies atop Monte Booker production in “Blossom Dearie”.

A strong follow up to her first ever release, it seems that Lenae is on the fast track to break from the Chicago bubble and take things to a new level.

Daye Jack – Easy (Live)

Although not the official music video, Daye Jack dropped a one-take accompaniment to his stand out hit “Easy” via Kinda Neat. He displays the true artistic ability he possesses and uses his rapping as a tool to highlight the catchy and full choruses.

Billy Chambers – Followers (ft. Solomonilla)

Hometown favorite Billy Chambers has returned with yet another bouncy track assisted by Solomonilla. Billy continues on his roll of exciting new music and pushes the boundaries of each genre he dabbles in.

With every song it seems there is a new development in artistry, and still a young kid Billy has plenty of time to continue honing his craft.

Hip-Hop, Rap | The (W)rap Up Vol. 2

Posted by on March 6, 2015

Demo Taped – I Luv U

17 year-old Demo Taped is the newest DIY excitement in the music world. His Heart EP is a collection of three self-produced songs where the Atlanta native sings, raps, and bounces all over the infectious instrumentals. Listen to the stand out “I Luv U” above, and expect to hear plenty more from rising talent.

IshDARR – Old Soul, Young Spirit

After his J-Gramm produced single “Too Bad” exploded on Hype Machine and across the internet, IshDARR has unveiled his first full length project. It’s cohesive, and a true statement to the ability of the 18 year old. He discusses turning down a deal from Atlantic, and with the work displayed across this body of work, Atlantic won’t be the last major label knocking on his door.

Daye Jack – Mona Lisa

Writing about yet another teenager in this week’s Wrap Up feels surprising, but all too familiar in the current landscape of up and coming artists. Daye Jack is back with his crossover rap sound in “Mona Lisa”. He questions himself and his future all while sounding appealing to a wide range of listeners.

Flash Giordani – Xaniel Webster

One of the most important parts in a young artist’s career is his or her ability to not take themselves too seriously. Drake embraces his memes, and Lil B and Riff Raff have created full blown careers off their eccentric personalities. Next up is Baltimore’s own “Asian Savior,” Flash Giordani. Listen to his xanax-ed out music and be ready for plenty more where it came from.

Billy Chambers – Got Me

Billy Chambers is not one for labels. He uses his rapping as a tool to compliment his singing voice while experimenting with the futuristic production that has become so popular in today’s SoundCloud world. While still raw, Chambers show far more potential for a widespread audience that many up and comers.


Chill, Hip-Hop, Rap | Billy Chambers – Lake House Lullaby

Posted by on November 7, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-10-28 at 6.10.05 PM

A few weeks back, Billy Chambers grabbed my attention with his bouncy Galimatias-produced track, “Gold”. This week he returned with “Lake House Lullaby” which continues to push forward his new sound. Chambers has the ability to tell a story that captivates and brings the reader in to his shoes. A talent that many strive for, but few actually achieve.

Enjoy this first sampling of the young DMV representative, because I’m sure that there is plenty more to come.