Bass | ACRAZE Rides High On Latest Bass-Heavy Original “MURDA”

Posted by on January 10, 2019

Bass is is a competitive market, at times it can feel like bass artists are climbing over each other, trying to out-do the last heavy trending single. Where ACRAZE comes in is being one who truly can take it to that next level, producing songs that go that much farther, that much harder – having the impact that makes a night go from lit to full-on bonkers. “Murda,” the latest original from the soloist, is a microcosm of this theme. Massive build-ups and drops that destroy on an epic level take place to deliver something that kings the mountain of bass music. Past releases like “Inferno” and “Make You Wanna” reflect a similar experience, proving ACRAZE is far from a one-hit producer. Keep your eye on this Orlando-based producer and what he does next.