Able Grey & Meridian Team Up On Epic And Trippy ‘In The Forest’

Posted by on April 29, 2024

Dive into the epic adventure that is “In The Forest,” a thrilling collaboration between Able Grey and Meridian, brought to life by Ex Medias. This track, pulsing at 110 BPM, invites listeners to a dance of introspection and energy through its profound bass and sharp percussion. Each listen reveals new layers of its dark, mysterious aura, highlighted by squeaky-clean wubs in the drop.

The making of “In The Forest” was a journey of experimentation and creativity. Meridian explored new territories in sound design, focusing on innovative mixing and layering to craft engaging bass sounds that define the track’s funky midtempo vibe. Meanwhile, Able Grey, not confined to a single concept, embraced a fluid and open approach, allowing the partnership to steer the creative process. This collaboration resulted in a track that truly represents a blend of their artistic identities, a beautiful thing that’s all too common in today’s era.

Able Grey, renowned for his distinctive live performances that incorporate an electronic drum pad and MIDI controller, continues to make waves in the Chicago music scene. His upcoming appearances include a performance at the Chicago Beyond Wonderland festival and an opening slot for Clozee and Daily Bread at Radius Chicago. His vibrant live shows are not to be missed, which feature a mix of original tracks and edits, consistently bring the heat to audiences.

Meridian, known for his refusal to be boxed into any single genre, brings a enchanting energy to his tracks and live performances. At just 26, he has made significant strides in the music industry, performing at top Chicago venues and festivals, and supporting renowned artists. His ability to blend different styles within electronic dance music has crafted a unique sonic identity that keeps audiences guessing as to what is coming next.

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