Los Angeles’ Rjhoff Releases “Love for the Summer

Posted by on October 17, 2022

Just in time for the chilly weather of Fall, Los Angeles based artist Rjhoff has released a new single entitled “Love for the Summer” that most people will resonate with as I’m typing this due to the fact snow is coming soon and cold weather is on the radar for the foreseeable future. His new indie pop jam is a great introduction to his music if you are not yet familiar. Written and produced by Rjhoff himself, it’s a special piece of music that deserves your attention so be sure to check it out above now. Read a quote on the release below now!

‘love for the summer’ is an anthem for rebound relationships. Conflicts often cause us to act in crazy ways, but these moments of honest self-discovery are some of the greatest moments in life. The highs and lows can be hard to handle, but keeping an honest dialogue with ourselves can help us take the actions necessary to grow past any low moment, even if we’re simply looking for a temporary distraction from our feelings.”