North Carolina upcomer Keith Heart returns via “Serial Heartbreaker”

Posted by on September 11, 2022

Raleigh, North Carolina-hailing singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Brady Keith Gearheart – better known by his stage name Keith Heart – is back with a catchy new single entitled “Serial Heartbreaker.” The hyper-pop infused single has elements of Pop, emo and alternative rock, and EDM music all blended together an incredibly groovy and dance-able track. The heavy bass infused production will keep you moving and tuned in throughout but lyrically is where this one will draw in the most listeners. Th e song paints a picture of a dance club where people have lost all sense of themselves, indulging in acts they’ve never tried before. The subtle foreboding implications reveal a predator-prey scenario where someone is taking advantage of the people in the crowd to do what he pleases with them. Check out the track above now and read a quote from Keith Heart on his latest drop below now!

“I want the audience to enjoy the track but also feel uncomfortable when listening to the lyrics; having the same feelings as the people I’m describing in the song itself. Something is unnatural about the scenario I’m painting, and that’s reflected in the production being very bare-bones without any traditional style dance production.”