Kice Unleashes Good Vibin’ House Single ‘Stuck With You’

Posted by on March 4, 2022

“Pusher,” and “How Do You Feel,” producer known as Kice has return yet again with his release “Stuck On You.” The track connects together a spiritual essence that house is all about, with a bit of pop in there as well. The vocal loop included helps showcase more personality within a single that’s already oozing with repeatability. Piano in the rhythm links up with an easy-going percussion side to create the background that this computerized vocal sample plays off of. Upon the first several bars of the release, your mood is enchanted and your mind slips off to a unique, peaceful place.

“This is by far the closest sound reflection of who I am to date. Classic piano and vocals being the main drivers with a bassline to keep the dance floor shaking!
– Kice

Kice has been catching the attention of fans and industry heads alike. Having been supported by prominent outlets such as his Song Is Sick, Dancing Astronaut, DASH Radio, and CULTR, this compounds with his past invitations to play Burning Man, Northern Lights, PRYSM, Sound-bar, which he graciously accepted.

Kice is on a role and is certain to release more musical gems throughout the year.

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