Marq Electronica Releases Epic Electronic Single “I Thought I Knew It All”

Posted by on March 2, 2022

Marq Electronica has had his foot on the gas for a while now, and he shows no signs of slamming on the breaks. His recent single ‘I Thought I Knew It All’ is the latest in a long line of vibrant singles from the up and coming artist and producer. His self-professed ‘electro world of synth heavy music’ is a whirlwind of striking synth lines and booming bass lines. Yet, ‘I Thought I Knew It All’ takes us into the trance realms of his electronic world. 

‘I Thought I Knew It All’ is a track rooted in the pain of losing a relationship you now see you had taken for granted. It’s a song that moves you and gets you moving all at once. It’s rich in echoing piano, with the haunting ache of a vocal full of regret and frustration sailing over the top. In true Marq Electronica fashion, of course, there’s an unrelenting funky synth bass for good measure. With ‘I thought I knew it all’ Marq Electronica delivers a track that has all the funky, dark electro hallmarks of his previous hits. Hits that have earned him over 100,000 streams on Spotify alone. With the moody atmosphere and mesmerising melodies, it’s no doubt this number is set to skyrocket with the release of ‘I Thought I Knew It All’.